4 Great Father’s Day Gifts for Geeky Dads

Date Tue, June 10 2014

Father’s day falls on June 15th this year, which means you only have a few days to buy Dad a gift if you haven’t already. If you’re scrounging around, here are 4+ great gifts for the dad who has a geeky streak!

1. A new watch

Watches have been the go-to gift for dads, fiances and other males for years. Many men don’t wear a watch anymore, but I think it’s time we bring this trend back! Tech has made watches really cool. You can get an LED watch like this one on Amazon, which places the LEDS into the links, so the watch looks much more like a cuff than anything else. Or you can go ahead and invest in a smart watch  such as Pebble that syncs with Dad’s phone to alert him about calls, messages and appointments. Samsung also makes one, which would go well with the brand-new Galaxy S 5.

2. A necktie

Ties when worn right are sexy, okay? Maybe that’s why you’re even here — because Mom couldn’t keep her hands off the tie. But maybe Dad hasn’t purchased a new tie for himself in a while. CafePress has a bunch of ties that would be perfect for the geeky dad.

Of course, you can’t forget the tie clip so Dad really looks smart!

Maybe he won't notice you  reused last year's bag!

Maybe he won’t notice you reused last year’s bag!

3. A pair of cufflinks

Since we’re dressing him up so nicely, we might as well cufflinks. They’re perfect for date night or a big presentation, and cufflinks are an easy way to show a little geek side without going overboard. Maybe he’s a science teacher who loves the periodic table or he can speak fluent Klingon from all those hours spend watching Star Trek. Can he recite pi to the 100th digit? That’s pretty impressive. Buy him a gift!

4. Hardware, accessories and more! 

All these devices need to be charged, and sometimes there just isn’t an outlet to be found. Whether Dad’s gone camping or the power’s out, an external battery like the RavPower Luster charger is convenient. He can keep it in his car or briefcase so it’s next out of reach! Does Dad love streaming video? Consider Amazon Fire TV (Amazon is offering $15 video credit right now) or a Roku. Of course, you’ll need plenty of HDMI cables to go with it. There are phone and tablet cases, Bluetooth keyboards and smart remotes, which keep everything in the entertainment system connected. Logitech makes a few.

Bonus: Art prints from RedBubble always make an awesome gift. I wouldn’t mind them for any occasion!

What have you purchased your dad for Father’s Day? If you’re a dad, let us know about your best and worst gifts in the comments!

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  1. Ronald G June 18 2014 @ 6:49 am

    Terrific selection watches..reasonable prices

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