4 Must-Have Accessories for Your iPad Mini

Date Tue, May 13 2014
Charge your iPad Mini and Watch Movies With the KudoSol Case

Charge your iPad Mini and Watch Movies With the KudoSol Case

1. A Protective Case

Tablets and cell phones have bigger screens and more fragile parts than ever. Despite the fact that they’re made with Gorilla glass and even aluminum backs, drops happen. Your iPad can get scratched in your bag or when your 2 year-old grabs it. You don’t need to wrap it in bubble wrap, however. You just need to find a case that allows you access to the home button without obscuring any part of your screen. Fortunately, it’s not difficult. Kudo offers a unique iPad mini case and an iPad Air case — KudoBank — that also houses a thin battery to power your iPad while you use it. This is brings me to my next must-have. For an extra $30, you can also invest in the KudoSol, which uses thin-film solar power technology built into the cover to harness energy from the light and charge your iPad Mini or iPad Air without having to plug it into a wall outlet. Very cool. Both of the cases from Kudo also function as a stand, and I would definitely recommend going for a case that enables you to prop up your iPad Mini to watch Netflix. Finally, in addition to doing all this for your iPad it has a USB port to power your cell phone as well!

2. An External Battery

I love my RavPower Luster battery for this. Charge it via USB cable and use the same USB cable to charge your phone or tablet. I’ll get just under 2 full charges for my phone with this one, but you can look one with a great capacity (mAH) for your device. The Luster also doubles as a flashlight, which is handy if you keep it in your purse like I do. It’s a fantastic item to have when you go to geeky cons!

3. A Bluetooth Keyboard

The biggest gripe I have about Apple products — and my Kindle Fire — is the keyboard. No swiping? Get out of here. How do you people live? Now, not everyone has to do a lot of typing but, if you do, then you need a Bluetooth keyboard. Some manufacturers build keyboards into their cases, which creates a setup like a laptop and can also help you become more comfortable with your iPad Mini if you’ve just getting used to a tablet. However, any Bluetooth keyboard will work fine if you don’t need it to come in a package that you can wrap around your iPad Mini, too. Kudo even offers a silicone keyboard that will charge off the KudoSol case.

Find a pair of earbuds you like, wait for a sale and buy 100 of them!

Find a pair of earbuds you like, wait for a sale and buy 100 of them!

4. A Good Pair of Earbuds

I am the sort of person who you will see walking down the road with earbuds in. Years ago, I started listening to a Walkman — yea, remember though? — in school, and I’d wear bulky and cheap foam headphones. I eventually upgraded to a Discman and, from there, and MP3 player. Now I use my iPod Nano with Apple’s earpods. Not everyone loves them so I recommend that you shop around. Your ears might be bigger or more shallow or smaller or deeper than mine. You might want wireless (Bluetooth) earbuds. Perhaps you love the in-ear style that Sony or Kudo Case has gotten so good at. Certainly, many people love Skullcandy earbuds for their sound. Earpods, for me, are comfortable, well-made and provide generally good sound without costing an arm and a leg. Just don’t buy your earbuds from the dollar store. Seriously. You’ll regret it as soon as you pop them up.

Runners Up!

There were a few items I really wanted to recommend, but these were the only 4 that I thought everyone should have.

  • I would recommend Apple’s AirPlay Express if you have a large collection of music on your Mac or iPad Mini and want to enjoy it anywhere in your house.
  • Apple provides a car charger for all of its products., which is great if you’re often in the car.
  • Photographers can even find lenses for their iPad Minis and iPhones to take stellar macro photos.

What are your must-have iPad Mini accessories? Or would you not be caught dead with one? ;)

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  1. MrDisco May 14 2014 @ 11:24 pm

    definitely need a case for any iDevice!

  2. Cole May 15 2014 @ 5:49 am

    I can’t believe it when I see people not using a case!

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