4 Reasons to Print Your Own Tees in October

Date Mon, October 27 2014

1. Halloween

A simple letter “M” on colors that represent every letter of the rainbow makes for an easy costume — M&Ms! Switch it up, and you and your friends can be Skittles. If that’s not your style, pick out a couple orange, yellow and brown tees and you can go as a group of Reese’s Pieces!

Check out Halloween costume ideas from CustomInk blog!

Check out Halloween costume ideas from CustomInk blog!

Maybe candy is a little saccharine for you. You can go as a softball team, instead, or print a single shirt feature a Jack O Lantern if you’re not the type to dress up with others.

2. Awareness and Fundraisers

Now, I’m sure all your minds go to breast cancer awareness, and October is indeed the month when people “Think Pink.” But it’s not the only cause that’s recognized this month. Here are some causes and their associated colors.

  • National Breast Cancer Awareness Month — pink
  • LGBT History Month — rainbow
  • Antibullying — blue shirt, purple shirt or pink shirt depending on organization promoting
  • Domestic Violence Awareness Month — purple

There are a number of other causes recognized this month that don’t have official ribbons or colors. And while you might be running in a marathon to raise money for breast cancer research — check out shirt ideas from CustomInk — or participating in a volleyball championship to raise awareness about bullying campaigns, you don’t necessarily need to wear a uniform of that color. You might simply want to match your team, which is just fine!

3. New Fiscal Year

If you’re a small business owner, you might be planning the next year’s finances as the new fiscal year rolls around. Perhaps that should include some t-shirts so you can advertise your company on your very own back. Or, you can use t-shirts as promotional materials that you give to clients or contest winners. With CustomInk, you can use your own company logo or come up with a flashy new design.

Teens can celebrate their last year in school!

Teens can celebrate their last year in school!

4. Show Fandom

Now, I’m really not a fan of any sports, but it’s hard to avoid them on Facebook. October marks the start of basketball season and hockey season! Show up to the big game in matching colors, and you’ll look great on the audience cam!

With school in session for a few months, you might even want to show fandom for your favorite high school team! You can easily do so by printing your own custom tees or hoodies, which are great now that temperatures are dropping. Merch like this may not be available in your size or your style directly from the source, so CustomInk provides a great alternative.

Of course, there are plenty of other reasons to consider CustomInk for your t-shirt needs. You can have them printed if your son or daughter is running for homecoming king or queen, respectively. They’re great for family reunions, and you might even consider them for Christmas gifts if you like to finish your shopping early! Check out all their fall designs here.

What would you have printed on a t-shirt?

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