4 Types of Dresses You’ll See This Season

Date Sat, October 12 2013

I am so excited for autumn because I loved layering. I like being able to pull on a cardigan or a sweater and feel comfortable in it rather than sweating while I try to do things that I love to do. In fact, I’m wearing a brand new sweater right now! That’s why I’m prime for the first type of dress that you’ll find on this list, but just because the temperatures have dropped a bit doesn’t mean that dresses aren’t still appropriate.

Add layers to your summer dresses

Add layers to your summer dresses

1. Layered Dresses

Fall is the perfect time for knee-length dresses. Pair them with a long cardigan — with or without a belt — over the top. The photo used here it from Gwen’s blog post about autumnizing your summer wardrobe. You can add boots and, if you’re the type to get cold easily, leggings underneath the dress. Sweater dresses are especially perfect for this time of year, and what looks better with that type of dress than a scarf? I’ve really discovered accessorizing and layering these past few years, so I’m still finding my style. It’s fun to experiment.

2. Bridesmaid Dresses

Go ahead, have your wedding on the beach in the middle of summer. If you enjoy the ocean and breeze, there’s nothing better. However, I’m more of a fan of autumn weddings. I love the colors of the leaves, which you just have to incorporate into your wedding colors. Mix in purples or blacks, and you’ve got yourself a truly sophisticated color scheme. And leaves turning colors make a truly breathtaking backdrop for any photo shoot.

Fall’s a little better for those thick satin dresses, too. By now, you’re probably sensing that I run hot. This know how brides so often tell you that you’ll be able to wear your bridesmaid dress again? Yea, if that’s not actually true, I won’t stand up in your wedding.

3. Homecoming Dresses It might be a smidge late for homecoming dances, but there’s no bigger event for high school students once the leaves start turning. Now, homecoming wasn’t quite as formal — I usually wore a full-length black skirt with whatever top I liked —  or as much as a big deal at my school as was prom, but I know that’s not the case everywhere. This is probably due to the fact that we had a weird method for choosing homecoming and prom queens.

Mini Tulle Cocktail Dress With Ruffle

Mini Tulle Cocktail Dress With Ruffle

It does seem like today’s homecoming dresses are a little more fun and flirty as opposed to the long, ball-gown style dresses I’m used to seeing at prom. DressFirst is a site that I found while browsing autumn-friendly dresses, and I’d wear many of the styles to other events.

4. Little black Dresses Technically, you can wear an LBD at any time during the year. I’ve certainly done it. However, there’s something about the vibrant colors and cool temperatures just makes me want to show off a little more skin before it gets too cold. You can wear your little black dress on a date, to the theater, where I just was, and to a wedding, among other events and locations. With so many styles to choose from, you’ll never go wrong, and black is always flattering. The one pictured here is quite similar to my favorite LBD, which I bought to wear to a spring wedding. That doesn’t mean I won’t wear it soon, though!

So what’s your favorite type or dress during this season? What do you like best about autumn fashion in general? Let me know in the comments!

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