5 Places to Sell Your Old Smartphone

Date Thu, February 13 2014

or tablet, laptop, Chromebook or iPod.

If you’re like me, you like to upgrade your phone frequently to make sure it has enough memory, processor power and functions as you need. Hopefully, you have a phone that hasn’t decreased in value quite like mine, which is worth pennies to the dollar from when I bought it less than a year and a half ago. LOL  Recycling phones is all well and good ,but why not make some money from it? Here are 5 services where you can sell your phone, iPad, laptop or other device.

For this post, I wanted to show the difference in prices, so I am using a Verizon Droid DNA in good condition as an example. This was a big-name flagship when it came out, and it’s still worth quite a bit.


I didn’t even know that Amazon would accept old devices, but it looks like I’m going there to trade in my phone if I can’t find some place willing to offer me more. Find the specific device/model/capacity at the Trade In Store, and you’ll see offers. Amazon will end you a prepaid UPS box to mail your device. The credits will go to your Amazon account so you can continue shopping.

Droid DNA Price: $85.50


If there’s any buyback service you’d heard of, it’s probably Gazelle. This site is one of the better-known third parties. Determining the value is the same as Amazon, and you can request free shipping if you turn in a phone or device worth more than $1 — you can use Gazelle to recycle items without getting any money back. Gazelle doesn’t seem to buy back quite as many devices, however.

DNA buyback price: $85

Best Buy

If you’re already planning to buy a new device from Best Buy, go ahead. Right now, they’re offering buyback prices plus a $50 gift card when you purchase a new device. Best Buy will provide free shipping online, or you can bring your old phone to a store. If your phone has no value, Best Buy won’t charge you to trade in.

DNA buyback: $75 from $50 Best Buy gift card


Walmart’s trade-in program is known as Gadgets to Gift Cards. Prices are generally lower, but Walmart only asks if your device is working. For the maximum price, you don’t need packaging or cables, which is nice.

DNA trade price: $86.37

Target has a similar program, but prices are ridiculously low. Skip it.

Manufacturers and Cell Providers

It doesn’t really matter who made your phone, all manufacturers will accept phones and devices from other companies. However, manufacturers, just like providers, have some of the lowest prices around. Chances are, they’re hoping you won’t look very far to trade in your phone for cash. Thanks to me, you don’t have to. LOL

Here’s a rundown on buyback prices for that Droid DNA:

  • HTC — $70
  • Verizon — $66
  • Virgin Mobile – $70
  • Samsung — $70
  • Sprint — $70
  • T-Mobile – $73

Interestingly enough, Sprint, Virgin Mobile and Samsung all seem to use the same system and have the same prices for devices while Verizon, the network that originally  sold this phone, has a lower buyback  price.

AT&T won’t give you a value unless you enter the device’s serial number and your phone number, which is frustrating. T-Mobile had the best buyback price of all the providers.

Of course, manufacturers and providers are giving you credit to your account so it’s not the same as cash.

One thing to look out for  is promotions. Some stores do offer extra cash for specific devices. Holidays come to mind, and I know Gazelle did this last December. Plus, your device may fare better or worse depending upon model and condition.

Have you ever use a trade-in service? Let me know how it went in the comments!


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