5 Reebok Tops for Fall

Date Sun, September 21 2014

We had some pretty cold temperatures last week. it was barely above freezing for a few nights. I’ve been sleeping in fuzzy PJ pants to be warm at night, but this also means I need to warm up during the day. I’ve been comfortable enough wearing long sleeves even if they’re thin when I’m outside, but it will soon be too cold for just that. I’m not ready to bundle up nor do I love bulky layers, which is why these long-sleeve options from Reebok are just about perfect.

Women's Dark Grey Heather Reebok ONE Series Bonded Fleece Hoodie - M - Fitness & Training Apparel

Reebok ONE Series Bonded Fleece Hoodie

Reebok ONE Series Bonded Fleece Hoodie

Doesn’t this just look comfortable? For the cooler days, wear this over a t-shirt to keep warm. The zipper is ideal for allowing air, and the zipping pockets are practical to boot.


I love the dark berry color of this track jacket even if I haven’t worn a track jacket in years. The thumbholes are awesome, too!


If you love yoga, you might love this hoodie. “Yo” on the front “ga” on the back, and you can just tell that the material is soft all over, which is why I love it!


A cool black and grey camo ┬ámaterial is what attracted my eye to this lightweight hoodie without any zipper. The lower bunjee keeps you warm even when it’s windy.


The single-colored versions of this hoodie are also great. I especially love the red, but the purple is bold and the white pristine. The textured jaquard makes this interesting to look at while it keeps you warm outside.

If you like any of these pieces or anything else that Reebok has, they’re currently having a 50% off sale for everything in the outlet. This sale also includes free returns and free shipping.


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