6 Gift Ideas for the Man In Your Life Who’s Hard to Shop For

Date Mon, November 23 2015

Can you believe there’s only a hair over 30 days until the new year?! Which means we’ve got weeks, nay days, to get holiday shopping in. Whether you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah, you’re running out of time to shop for the people who might be on your list — or just to pick yourself of something special.

It always seems like there’s two types of people when it comes to shopping: for those who have a list and are probably done with shopping already and those who don’t know what they’re buying for whom.. and may not have started at all. I fall into the latter camp.

When you’re shopping for someone who is difficult to find the perfect gift, it might be even harder when you start late. You know those cheap shaving sets just won’t cut it. Speaking off cutting..


Black Earth Blade from Spartan Knives

1. Spartan Blades

Spartan knives are a must-have for those hard-to-shop-for men! These American-made knives come in a variety of styles, but they’re designed to be as tough as, well, Spartans! Whether he’s an avid hunter or likes to trek through the wild, there’s a Spartan blade for him.

2. Multitools

For someone who has no need of a bleed or maybe needs more than just a blade, I would definitely recommend a multi-tool. Modern multitools look a lot more sleek than your typical Swiss Army Knife, too. You can get them credit card sized, attached to a keyring or shaped like animals. They open your bottles, fix your glasses, cut strings off your jacket and pretty much everything else you could need done.

3. Wooden Watches

The next gift for him you might add to your shopping list is a wood watch. Jord Watches is one company that comes to mind because I’ve worked with them in the past and they seem fantastic. But they’re just one of several creating unique watches. And if you know a man who still wears his watch rather than simply checking his phone, he’s probably an individual.

4. Ratcheting Belts

Another way to look stylish is with a self-tightening belt. I had no idea this was a thing, but it’s awesome! Most of them use ratchet technology rather than holes, so they’ll always fit and can be adjusted if he gains or loses weight. There are a few different brands to choose from, and each offers different styles and functions.

  • Grip6 has a really sleek aluminum belt buckle and will soon come in women’s sizes.
  • Arcade Belts are a bit more rugged, but they’re weather proof and stretchy. I also love how many colors they come in!
  • SlideBelts function similarly, but they’re available in various leather options.

Although this next idea for a man’s Christmas gift isn’t necessarily pretty, it sure is functional! The Automatic vehicle app and adapter connects to a car via the standard diagnostics port to provide any car owner with information about their car’s alerts. It can help you save money, preserve the life of a vehicle and even find recommended mechanics in the area.

5. Keysmart Key Holders

Next up is Keysmart, a clever way to store the majority of your keys without tangling, noise or using much space. If I didn’t like my Rocket Raccoon keychain so much, it’s something I’d consider for myself!

6. Light Stax

Finally, we’ve got something a little fun.. for the child in all of us! It’s Light Stax, the building blocks that light up. Sure, they might be toys but they cast light, so that’s functional, too. Right? Right? They’ll work with all your Legos so your man can play with the little ones, and they seem like a great way to relax!

Of course, now’s not the time to relax! There’s only a month or so until Christmas! Time to get shopping.

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