7 Awesome Geeky Gifts on Clearance

Date Wed, September 25 2013

Time is running out for you to get your hands on these awesome items from ThinkGeek, Amazon and other stores. The store’s clearance section is chock full of stuff I wish I could buy for myself. Maybe you’ll buy it for me, eh? No? Well, a girl can try. Regardless, everyone should be buying the stuff on this list, and these stores update their sales and clearance sections frequently, which means you don’t have to break the bank to do so to treat yourself or someone that you love.

Trivial Pursuit Nightmare Before Xmas1. Nightmare Before Christmas Trivial Pursuit 

If you take a look at the second-to-bottom shelf on my left bookcase, it looks like it’s a shrine to the Nightmare Before Christmas. There’s a Yahztee game, and I also have NBX Monopoly, a book, a plush Stitch dressed in a Jack costume and a jewelry box. It’s not all the Nightmare stuff that I own, but it’s definitely enough for you to tell I’m a fan. So adding a trivial pursuit game in this awesome coffin-shaped container would make perfect sense for me. Or anyone who wants to give me a gift.

2. Gelato Sugar Scrub

Sadly, I’ve never had a chance to try gelato. However, I’ve enjoyed more than one sugar scrub in my time. Think Geek has three different scents for you to choose from. They’re sweet without calories, and you can enjoy the aroma wafting through your shower while making your skin soft and touchable.

Party Game of Geeky Trivia - Geek Out!

Party Game of Geeky Trivia – Geek Out!

3. Geek Out!

In this accurately-named game, you attempt to out geek my friends. Now, I’ve never played it, but I can imagine it would be a lot of fun — and tough in my group of friends! The focus is on geeky pop culture rather than intellectual pursuits or nerdy programming, but it sounds like a lot of fun to me! With questions like “Name 4 Batman villains,” I’m pretty sure I could rock at this.

4. Adipose Plush

I don’t want to lose geek cred here, but I haven’t seen a whole lot of Doctor Who. Most of the episodes I’ve seen have been tenth doctor episodes, and I’ve seen repeats of several of them. One of those is Partners in Crime, which features the awesome adipose. They’re super cute, and you can own your very own!

Portal 2 Bookends

Portal 2 Bookends

5. Portal 2 Bookends

If you’ve played Portal, then you understand why these bookends are clever. The usage of color is also attractive, and set doesn’t take up a lot of shelf room, either. It’s great if you’re in an apartment or dorm. Books themselves will keep your bookends in place, too.

6. Tentacle Hoodie

Because I have such a short torso, I likely couldn’t make this hoodie work. However, if you’re taller and thin, you’ll love the tentacle hoodie. It’s not exactly anatomically correct, but it’s quite pretty.  It’ll work for males or females, and both sides are printed!

7.  Joker Close Up iPhone 3 Slider Case

I have no iPhone, but I do love this case. It’s a cool image of the Joker’s face, and that’s all I have to say about it.

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