8 Awesome Deadpool Gifts You Can’t Buy At the Mall

Date Wed, February 17 2016

You guys, I just cannot get enough of Deadpool. I mean, I knew I liked the character before I saw the movie but the movie absolutely was everything I wanted. Perhaps more!

But I am a bit disappointed with some of the merchandising options. I don’t think Fox and whoever is paying royalties to make merch about the Merc with a Mouth realizes how many female fans the character and genre have! I am just one of them. I attended the movie with several more. We’re not the only ones.

So I’m finding it difficult to find officially licensed merch for Deadpool, but I am creative and comfortable using the Internets. Thus, I’ve found some awesome things I think my readers might like if they’re also fans of Deadpool. And, if not, I must admit I’m a bit disappointed! ;)

Anyway, these things were all found in shops of awesome makers on Etsy because the big boys disappointed me. I hope you enjoy!

Deadpool inspired bow

Deadpool inspired bow

1. The Deadpool Inspired Bow

Speaking of accessories, here’s a simple way to show your love for Deadpool. I don’t do much with my hair, but if you can’t go all out, this bow is the way to go. And those tiny katanas? Awww! Adorbs!

2. Deadpool single panty

Here’s the thing that got me into search mode! I was looking for Deadpool panties. All of the ones I found? Yuck! I wanted something sexier and more feminine, and the only option I found was on Etsy. Fortunately, Deadpool’s color scheme and mask work well for a simple thong, eh?

3. Lady Deadpool Dress

Easy cosplay? An awesome dress to wear to a con or the newest superhero movie? Why not both! I love how this dress would be super flattering on a variety of body sizes and shapes, and you could accessorize it like crazy!

Deadpool + Spidey = BBFs

Deadpool + Spidey = BBFs

4. Deadpool and Spiderman BFF- Necklace Set

Everyone’s favorite bromance in a necklace set you can share with your nerdy friends. What’s not to love?! In fact, I can think of someone who would love this as a gift!

5. Marvel Deadpool Logo Pencil Skirt Dress

I cannot believe how sexy and sophisticated this pencil dress it. It’s got the perfect combination of edgy and librarian and I would wear the hell out of it if I loved my curves just a bit more. It’s really quite simple, but that doesn’t stop it from being amazing!

6. Deadpool Skirt

I would likely need something a little longer to cover my backside, but I would love to see this skirt on someone else. Wear it with a cami or t-shirt or something else. Whatever, you’re going to look fabulous!

Deadpool will unalive you -- and you'll like it!

Deadpool will unalive you — and you’ll like it!

7. Deadpool-Inspired “I’ll Unalive You” Women’s Tank Top

Perhaps add this top to the previous skirt? Simple and easy to wear but straight to the point of the character. I dig it!

8. Deadpool apron

I cannot be the only one who loves how aprons are making a comeback, can I? It’s feminine and sweet. It’s practical. It’s DEADPOOL! Yea, it might be too pretty to actual wear, but nothing about Deadpool is pretty when you think about it.

There were a ton of cool goodies I found on my search. I added these and a ton more on my Pinterest board Gifts for Geek Girls. Check it out!

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