8 Gifts for the Photog in Your Life, Under $13 Each!

Date Tue, January 19 2016

Is there someone in your life who is always hiding behind a camera? They take amazing photos and doing so has become part of their personality. Perhaps that person is you, awesome!

I happened to stumble across a few great gifts for camera lovers tonight and couldn’t help but write a blog post about them!

Nothing on this list costs more than $13, either, so you won’t break the bank even if you buy every single thing. Score!

Without further ado, check out some of these awesome gifts or buy something for yourself.

  1. Quick Ship! Camera Strap Cover with Lens Pocket; $9.99 from Jane

Form and function all in one? You bet? These camera strap covers come in adorable chevrons, and the addition of pockets means you can safely store your lenses and keep a hand free.

Stainless Steel SLR Camera Lens Travel Mug

Stainless Steel SLR Camera Lens Travel Mug

2. Stainless Steel SLR Camera Lens Travel Mug; $12.99 from Jane

I’m pretty sure I’ve promoted this one before, if not on the blog then on Facebook. This travel coffee mug looks like a lens, and the cover screws on similarly to one, too. Even if it simply remains as decor on your desk, there’s no mistaking what a pretty picture it paints.

3. Large Digital Camera Bag; $9.99 from Jane

Keep all your accessories and camera safe and sound in this large camera bag. It comes in the same chevron patterns at the strap cover above, and has separate compartments for organization. The satchel style can comfortably be worn over your shoulder.

4. AmazonBasics Wireless Remote Control for Digital SLR Cameras; $8.49 from Amazon

A number of Canon and Nikon camera owners are in luck with this convenient remote control with a 10-foot range. Remotely activate the shutter for that perfect picture, yourself included! It might not be the cutesttp gift on this list, but it definitely gets the job done!

Camera Print Design Crossbody Bag For Women

Camera Print Design Crossbody Bag For Women

5. Camera Print Design Crossbody Bag For Women; $10.02 for DressLily

Camera and vintage aesthetic together makes for a cute little bad. Sure, it might not be big enough to actually hold a camera, but it shows off a photog’s style wherever she is and whatever she’s doing.

6. Digital Camera Lens Photo Cufflinks; $11.89 from Amazon

This is probably a better gift for the guys; although, I know some women who can rock these cufflinks. They’re perfectly shiny and manage to remain sophisticated yet clever. For under $15, you could do much worse! There’s a similar pair for a little cheaper if you’re not a big fan of green.

7. Snack Cap Lens Caps; $5 from Photo Jojo

Do you prefer burgers or cupcakes? You can have them both for $5 each with these adorable lens caps. They’re not just cute, though. The design helps you tell your lenses apart easily.

8. Canon Camera USB 2.0 Flash Drive 16GB; $12.45 from Amazon

This USB drive is just another thing on the list we can describe as “cute.” It’s perfectly for storing photos and videos in a meta way, and the way the lens becomes the drive is clever to boot. It’s available in both Canon and Nikon versions for fans of the companies.

Which of the items on this list is your favorite?

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