Date Wed, August 3 2011

My mom has always wanted to visit Hawaii, partly because of her affinity for Elvis and partly because it’s a tropical island with a slow-paced life. Although she’s never had the chance, I bet she’d still be interested in Hawaii real estate if that were realistic for her. Hawaii is a bit too hot for me but I bet I’d love a place where I could unplug, enjoy nature. I’ve only seen oceans a few times in my life and they’re pretty amazing.

I am slightly more intrigued to someday visiting Hawaii after reading about it in Pat Benatar’s memoir (okay, and watching Lilo and Stitch). She writes of it and the community so fondly and I enjoyed how her family has grown there, surrounded by palm trees and prosperity. Still, for me, it’s more of a summer (or winter?!) destination than a year-round home.

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