Amazon Retires “Add to Wishlist” in Favor of Amazon Assistant

Date Mon, February 26 2018

I was surprised to see an alert that Amazon’s “Add to Wishlist” feature had been disabled as this was the method I relied on to add things to my Universal Wishlist. My surprise came because I heard nothing about Amazon retiring this function, either as a shopper or a consumer.

Adding to wishlist with Amazon Assistant

Adding to wishlist with Amazon Assistant

Amazon isn’t leaving us empty-handed, however. The alert prompted me to install Amazon’s Assistant extension for Google Chrome to replace the bookmarklet. So I did.

I may be a little slow on the uptake with that. It looks like Amazon assistant has been available for browsers and mobile devices for some time. I’m just not a huge plugin user.

Instead of hitting the bookmarklet, I can press the Amazon Assistant button. Amazon will try to generate a product preview from third-party stores; although it doesn’t know all of them (it seems like Amazon recognized more stores with the bookmarklet). Even if you’re shopping from a store that Amazon doesn’t recognize, you can proceed, and it will generate a product image that you can select to add to any of your wishlists. It’s handy enough.

This is one of several features of Amazon assistant. If you don’t search Amazon directly from the address bar like I do, Assistant adds a search bar. There are also links to your wishlists, which are handy enough that I may use them!

I’ve yet to receive an alert, so we’ll see how inundating those become. However, I can easily disable them.

Amazon Assistant seems a little bulkier than the wishlist bookmarklet, but I’ll continue to use it because I so frequently rely on Amazon’s Universal Wishlist.

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