AmazonBasics Is Perfect for Back to School

Date Mon, August 3 2015

I’m a big fan of the AmazonBasics brand. It’s a great way to save money when purchasing batteries, cables and other electronics accessories. And Amazon really seems to care about the quality, which is a plus!

I recently discovered that Amazon sells more than those electronics, however. There’s a Back to School section with storage options such as hangers and drying racks, comforters, towels and linens, and even kitchen items such as a block of knives, a kitchen scale and cutting mats.

Other items available from the brand include paper shredders, laptop cases and sleeves, file folders, A/V cables, headphones, speakers, mice, keyboards, HDMI cables, blank DVDs and external batteries.

Check out all AmazonBasics here.

You can also click the banner below to shop back-to-school goodies that aren’t from AmazonBasics!

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