American BB Creams Suck

Date Thu, August 8 2013
American BBs -- Such a letdown!

American BBs — Such a letdown!

Dear American Cosmetics Companies,

My name is Cole, and I like BB cream. Real BB creams, not what you’ve done with them. I like creams that moisturize, protect against the sun, cover and repair damage to skin. I expect to look healthier immediately after applying a BB cream. I expect that my skin will actually improve with continuous use. I want no less than that. I am willing to pay for that.

But that’s not what you give me. I’m talking to you: Too Face, Maybelline, Olay. It doesn’t matter how much your products cost or where I can find them. They all suck. You are, at best, rebranding your tinted moisturizers into BB creams. As a consumer, I want a cosmetic with decent coverage that still feels light. I want to wear it during the summer and ditch my foundation for a few months. Hell, I would completely replace my foundation with a good BB cream. I’ve found ones that I like, but I haven’t found any that I love, and none of the ones that are passing are made by American companies.

Your BB creams are too thin. They don’t cover. You can’t build coverage. They do not even out my skin tone. They’re so sheer that color literally doesn’t matter because you can’t tell you’re wearing anything. Plus, they wear off easily.┬áNow, you offer a variety of shades, and that’s fantastic because the Korean market doesn’t. However, your colors lack the follow through to be effective.

And those repairing benefits? Where are they? Not in your tubes, which all suck coincidentally. Please switch to pump bottles.

I have found the same disappointing result time after time. I really loved the idea that BB creams would be hitting shelves in my local stores, but these are not BB creams. I will literally have to keep buying my products from Asia because yours just suck.




Think your product doesn’t suck? Shoot me a line. Seriously.

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  1. Lisa October 4 2013 @ 12:25 am

    THANK YOU!! I so totally agree with this post and have made similar statments on a couple of my videos. I have an upcoming rant video coming up. And these new ‘cc” creams are even worse.

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