25 Bath Bombs for Every Type of Geek

Date Thu, May 18 2017

Boy, guys. You wanna know how late I am at writing this post? I originally intended it to be released in time for the holidays as sort of a gift guide. So I’m only, like, five months late? Although, we could consider me seven months early for the next holiday season, right? Right!

So there’s an interesting fact about this post: I have no tub. I just have a shower. I’ve never been able to use a fizzy bath bomb or fill my tub with a swirling vortex of colors and scents. I wish I could. Especially because all these awesome bath bombs speak to the geek in me. Hopefully, they speak to you or inspire you when shopping for your favorite geek.

I’ve broken down this post into categories of geekery and nerdom to make it easier to find the perfect gift. Don’t worry, I won’t tell if you’re only shopping for yourself. ;)

For the Science Geek

I think science is having some sort of renaissance thanks to people like Bill Nye (even though I don’t love his new show). Science touches on everything from space to fossils to

1. Dinosaur Egg Bath Bomb in Raspberry Bubblegum

What a unique scent, eh? And I love the idea of an egg-shaped bath bomb. Plus, you get the extra perk of a dinosaur toy after it melts away — and melts away your troubles — in the bath!.

2. Galaxy Bath Bomb

If there’s any bath bomb on this list that is the best for me, it might be this one! I mean, just look at it! This bath bomb combines a smattering of colors to give it a look that a space lover such as myself just can’t resist. I really wanted to end that sentence with an exclamation point, but I may have used too many already. LOL

The galaxy bomb comes with a citrus/mint/vanilla scent.

Alternative: Glittery Galaxy Bath Bomb

Solar Bath Bomb Set

Solar Bath Bomb Set by Etsy seller thecosmiccompany

3. Solar System Bath Bombs

Okay, I might have lied. This is the bath bomb that’s ideal for me, except it’s an entire set of 9 bath bombs: one each to represent the sun and every planet in our solar system (Sorry, Pluto!). The bath bombs represent their respective solar entities both in design and shape, which is pretty impressive!

They also come in different smells, so you can try a little of everything. To top it off, the gift box comes wrapped in galaxy-themed paper. It’s the perfect gift. (Hey, isn’t my birthday coming soon?).

For the Gamer

Not everyone likes science. I get it. I mean, I don’t understand this, but I realize it.

Some geeks are all about the time they spend on their consoles or PCs — or at the table — enjoying videos games. Don’t worry, we’ve got bath bombs for them too!

4. D20 Bath Bomb

I bet you thought I was going to start this with a video game, didn’t you? But tabletop gaming is gaming, too! And a die makes a pretty good form for a bath bomb!

The Etsy seller who makes this one lets you choose a primary and secondary scent if you’re not a fan of leaving it to chance. I know I’m not!

5. Pokeball Bath Bomb

It only makes sense to make a Pokeball bath bomb. They’re both spheres. You can cleverly call this a Pokebom like the maker did. And inside Pokeballs are your favorite Pokemon, so adding a toy to the bomb jut makes sense.

This bomb also has a unique scent: marshmallow. If you like things sweet, you’ve gotta catch this ball.

6. Playstation Controller Bomb

Here we’ve got the first bath bomb that isn’t really round.. ish. I don’t know where all these PS controller molds come from, but I’m glad to see them get use!

You can choose from a variety of scents including pumpkin spice and lavender vanilla.

7. Serenade of Water (Zelda) Bomb

You’ll need to forgive me if I don’t have anything witty to say about this bath bomb. I’ve never played a Zelda game (yet), so I don’t know much about it. But the seller certainly does. Plus, the design is gorgeous. If that’s not enough for you, there might be a little present inside this bomb.

8. Minecraft Bath Bombs

Minecraft is taking over the world. My younger sister loves it, and she’s not alone. I’m not sure I get the appeal, but it’s definitely there. It’s popular enough that there are several versions of Minecraft bath bombs, so I figured I’d list a few and let you choose!

There you have it!

For the Sci-fi Fan

If you’re a fan of drama and fiction over straight up science, look no further!


BB-8 bb-omb by bonbonbathhouse

9. BB-8 Bath Bomb

When I first researched this post, another BB-8 bath bomb was available, but the seller no longer has it listed. To be honest, I might like this one — with a surprise inside — better.

10. Death Star Bath Bomb

What Star Wars motif is more perfect for a bath bomb than the Death Star? Plus, it can explode in your bath and, well, not ruin your planet. Haha.

11. Star Wars Character Bath Bombs

I know, I know. Sci-fi is more than just Star Wars, but there are so many awesome Star Wars bath bombs!  This set of six features the likeness of your favorite — and perhaps not-so-favorite — Star Wars characters in different colors.

12. Dalek Bath Bomb

Okay, we move away from Star Wars to another fan-favorite: Doctor Who. The Daleks are here to edulcorate (vocab time!) with a hint of vanilla.

13. Tardis Bath Bomb

The same Etsy seller makes TARDIS bath bombs, too. They’re blue just like the real thing, but the colors are natural.

14. Han Solo Bath Bomb

I lied. One more Star Ward bath bomb. This time it’s Han Solo frozen in carbonite. Freakin’ perfect, right? (As long as you like lavender vanilla).

For the Anime Lover

15. Totoro Bath Bomb

I’ve never watched Totoro, but I know it’s cute! Is it a cat thing? I’m not sure. Most cats don’t like water, but this bath bomb would be a great gift for a fan that knows more than I do. LOL

Ping Sugar Heart Bathbomb

Ping Sugar Heart Bathbomb by nerdbasin

16. Pink Sugar Heart Bathbomb

I do know something about Sailor Moon! I also know that this bath bomb, which is inspired by Chibi Sailor Moon’s brooch, is awesome. It’s perfectly feminine, which I love! This one has a citrus scent.

17. Time Keeper Bathbomb

Maybe you’re more of a Sailor Pluto fan. That’s cool. Drop this Time Keeper staff bomb into your bath, instead. I like the flat design rather than the spherical ones, too! Available in Lemon, Herbs, Bergamot.

18. Deep Submerge Bath Bomb

As green as Neptune’s hair and leaving you in aquamarine swirls and a “Salt-water” scent. How cool?

19. World Shaking Bath Bomb

The last Sailor Moon bomb I’ll list is this golden one that evokes images of Sailor Uranus. You know what I love? The thought put into the smell.

fresh autumn leaves, the signature of the Planet protected by Air

Go ahead, get it. Or all of the Sailor Moon bombs. I won’t tell!

For the Comic Reader

Finally, if you like your drama between the pages (or perhaps you just want to round out your collection of geeky bath bombs!), see if any of the following strikes your fancy!

20. Superman Bath Bombs

The symbol of the House of El is ready to save the world or, at least, save you from a boring bath. For some reason, these kind of remind me of Flinstone’s vitamins? LOL! Available in red and blue because, duh!

cherry bombs

Cherry bombs bath bombs by TheBubblyKettle

21. Cherry Bombs

These actual bomb-inspired bath bombs totally remind me of something Harley Quinn or The Joker would play with, don’t you think? They smell like cherries, too. Get it, cherry bombs? Clever!

22. Wolverine Claw Bath Bomb

Now, this is neat. Wolverine doesn’t have a symbol or shape that plays well as a bath bomb, but you can make a bomb look like he sliced it with his claws — and someone did!

23. Iron Man and Hulk Bath bombs

This set of bath bomb is a little weird because it’s totally their heads, but if you can get past that, I’m sure they’re marvel-ous. I really should stop with that. Don’t worry, this post is almost over.

24. American Hero Bath Bomb

I like Cap. He’s my favorite Avenger. Perhaps he’s my favorite Marvel character. I like his bath bomb, too. The shield design works well. I don’t like mint, however, so you’ll need to be a fan of that to enjoy this bath bomb.

25. Deadpool Bath Bomb

Okay, so the bath isn’t a pool, but that’s okay! The Daffodil Daydream bath bomb has a mango/floral scent and a distressed design that just works for me. But if you’d like something else, check out this one.

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