Before you shop..

Date Sat, October 31 2009

For starters, Happy Halloween. Scooby Doo 2 is playing behind me (it’s definitely the better of the two live action movies). I don’t think we’re doing much today, maybe seeing a movie and waiting around for our nonexistent trick or treaters (no one showed up last year!).

Anyway, last night I was organizing the bathroom cabinets because all our cosmetic stuff and cleaning stuff was super disorganized despite having more than ample room. I’ve been on a little organizing kick (I cleaned off the desk the other day, too; I actually have room for office supply). I had to forcefully remind Ryan not to buy anymore soap, body wash, mouthwash, hair gel or deodorant before looking in the cabinets because he has multiples of everything yet he still buys more. Ugh.

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