Big Spending on the Horizon

Date Tue, June 24 2008

You wouldn’t know it from the past 3 days of almost constant rain, but it was rather warm and humid last week. By warm, I mean in the the lower 70s which is the point at which I become uncomfortable thus uncomfortable to be around. Of course, it doesn’t help when I think these thoughts that will soon be heading to San Antonio, Texas. And then it doesn’t help when I consider all the large purchases we will need to be making: car, bedroom set, insurance, and whatever else pops up.

I’m sure some people cool their bodies and heads by taking a dip in the pool and even Ryan has been perusing some apartments with pools but as swimming is not my thing, I’m much more likely to be shopping for parasol than pool floats.

Still, some good things are sure to arise from this and I look forward to them. Visiting family will by a mighty bit cheaper, stores will be more, more varied and open 24/hours, restaurants of every type will crave my patronage and activities will abound.

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