My #BlackFriday Haul

Date Sat, December 6 2014

I bought less on Black Friday this year than I normally do. The only store I actually bought from was Deb’s. Torrid and Vanity had good sales, but they just didn’t have anything I absolutely wanted!

Deb’s had a 50% off the whole store deal. On Friday morning, they also sent me a coupon worth another 10% off. Plus, they tossed in a free wallet — this one — when you ordered a certain amount. I met that minimum.

So I ordered five things for around $60.

The shadow pullover top was the one thing I wanted the most. I stopped by my local store, but they didn’t have it, so I wound up going online to look for it. However, I did find that wool coat in store. At $25 (less with my 10% off!), it’s a steal. It’s got a satin lining and is a little longer, which makes it perfect for wearing with skirts, dresses and longer cardigans!

Both of the lighter tops I intended to try with this ruched skirt I bought from Deb’s this summer. It’s super sexy, but I just didn’t have the right top to go with it!

The cami can go with the shadow striped top of a number of loose-knit sweaters than I own. I was wearing a similar cam with lace details, but they somehow wound up bleached in the laundry!

I also qualified or free shipping, which is my one grumble about Deb’s. There is no ship to store option and you don’t qualify until you spend $60. That wasn’t any better on Black Friday. I figured that it was cheaper to spend that much on more items. I can always return them to the store for free if I don’t love them.

In fact, I’m pretty much planning on returning something. I guess we’ll see what it is once I get the shipment, which should be tomorrow!

I am bummed that I didn’t snag a jewelry box from Sears on Friday. My mom has been wanting one, so I bought it for her a couple days layer. But the price went up $9 by the time I got around the buying it. Mea culpa!

What did you snag on Black Friday? Did you brave the crowds? Or did you stay inside and treat yourself on Cyber Monday instead?


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