Bundle Up in Style

Date Sun, October 13 2013
 Hollywood Glamour Coat from ModCloth

Hollywood Glamour Coat from ModCloth

I know, I know. 65-degree days don’t call for any sort of outerwear, really. I mean, it’s chilly at night here, but I’m not generally going outside, and when I do, a hoodie suffices. That doesn’t mean that I can’t dream about is being cool enough to add a jacket or a scarf, which I just so happen to look awesome in.

One thing in particular that I’m eyeing up is Modcloth’s Hollywood Glamour Coat. It’s part of the new longer — so it might not look good on someone as short on me — but that makes it perfect for wearing over dresses. And Myrtlewood offers plenty of dresses. The Hollywood Glamour Coat isn’t quite available for sale, but it’s worth the wait, I’m sure.

The other new line is Bea & Dot, which features plenty of dresses that create stunning silhouettes. There’s also sweaters and skirts that look like they’re right out of grease. If that’s your style, you’re certainly in luck! Bea & Dot’s cardigans are perfect for pairing with some of the dresses if you’re inspired by my recent post about autumn dresses and layering.

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