Bursting at the Seams

Date Wed, February 11 2015

Laundry day has become something of a chore. What, you don’t love puns? Let me start over.

I own more clothing now than I ever have before. Because I can. Clothing wasn’t something I ever had excess of as a child. As an adult, I can finally afford to pick up things that I like in the store. I still shop many sales, of course. Paying full-price is something I can avoid if I can. Still, I’ve got more clothing than hangers and have to do laundry more than ever before.

Yet, I’m not done exploring my more fashionable side. What a girl to do?

I’ve decided to focus not on clothing but on the accessories — jewelry, scarves, bags and shoes — that will help tie all those outfits together and perhaps even make them feel a little more varied. Two weeks ago, I bought the first belt I’ve worn in years. 

To this end, I’ve been looking at retailers where I can find jewelry and accessories. One such store is Scoop NYC, an online store that promises to help you find the latest in styles. You can browse their lookbook for inspiration or do like I did and head straight to the appropriate categories!

Scoop NYC didn’t disappoint, either. The store sells everything from casual stay-at-home-clothes to the perfect dress to wear to a fundraiser to work-appropriate clothes. Psst —  Right now, everything in their clearance section is 50% off already-reduced prices. It’s a great way to score a deal on some of your favorite designers!

So what did I find that I wouldn’t mind adding to my wardrobe? Quite a bit!

For some reason, blue seemed to be the theme as I browse Scoop. I could wear many of these items together! Although, I did also like a Feliero Sarti Scarf, which has just a pop of color.

Of course, I like to shop, so I couldn’t stay away from the other categories. One piece in particular really caught my eye: this Helmut Lang sweater. The zipper detail and asymmetrical hemline make the otherwise simple sweater interesting to look at. I think it would look great with colorful leggings or skinny jeans, so maybe I’m not done shopping after all.

I’m starting to see just why it is my closet is so close to overfilling right now! I found more than a handful of items I want at just once store. You can imagine how a trip to a mall or, even worse — an outlet mall! — might go.

There are people who don’t like shopping, but I don’t understand these people.  Even when I have no plan to buy something, I can entertain myself for hours window shopping, especially online.

Are you a shopper? What’s your favorite thing to shop for? What’s causing your closet to overflow?

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