I Cannot Buy In Bulk

Date Fri, January 3 2014

Man, when I watch shows like Hoarders and I see pictures of peoples’ pantries and I’m just like “Whoa.” You see, I buy things when I run out, and then I buy more when I run out. I don’t keep extras on hand. I do not buy in bulk.

Bulk buying by Yasunari

Buying in Bulk

It’s partially the mindset that someone has when they are poor. I’d rather spend less now even if I would save more by buying in bulk.

It’s also in part due to the fact that I don’t have a lot of room for extra food. I have two small cabinets for food. I buy for one or two weeks at a time and that’s it. Few things remain in my cupboard after those time periods; although, I usually have rice and pasta on hand. I might consider keeping more things on hand if I had more space, but I would never be like a hoarder.

When it comes to paper goods, I am the same. I always have one. One roll of paper towel. On package of toilet paper — 4 or 6 rolls, no more. One roll of any foil, plastic or paper in the kitchen. I don’t need more. In fact, having too many of something makes me a little anxious. I like to keep track of things. Buying in bulk makes that difficult. There’s too many.

The closest I come to buying in bulk is purchasing a case of soda.

The down side of all of this is that I sometimes run out of things because I do not have extras in hand. If I’m waiting on a check or if I get sick or if I can’t get to the store, I get down to the crumbs and last shreds. Sometimes this is a little stressful, but I make due.

So what do you buy in bulk, if anything?

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