Where You Can Find Me Halloween Shopping

Date Sun, September 15 2013

I am so excited for Halloween. Not only do I decorate my home every year, I am also having a party this year with some friends. I have plenty of decorations, but I always add new ones. There’s some things that I cannot wait for so I buy them right away. For many other things, I wait for sales that happen come November 1st. Since our party will happen on the 2nd of November, I plan to head to the stores for party goods and disposable items on sale.

I’ve already spent a little money on adding new decorations to my home, some of which I’ve already added. I haven’t broken out my existing decorations yet, nor am I done. Fortunately, many of the places where I like to shop for Halloween items and decor are located on the same three-block stretch. If you want to find me in September or October, you should check out these stores. Of course, they also have some awesome Halloween swag!

Halloween display at Harrod's

Halloween Shopping Goodness

Wal-mart, Shopko and Target

These big-box stores have a lot of stuff that you can readily find, and they all sell it at pretty good prices. Be careful when it comes to quality because you might be sacrificing it when it comes to the low prices. I want my Halloween goodies to last more than a couple years!

Thrift Stores/Goodwill

Not only does Goodwill sell new products for bottom-line prices, but you can go through the second-hand clothes to find inspiration and items for costumes if you’re a creative type. I found a pinata for $6, which is super cheap compared to other stores. Plus, Goodwill and other thrift stores often give back to the community and needy.

JoAnn Owl Finger Tip Towel

JoAnn Owl Finger Tip Towel

Dollar Stores

Dollar stores are great for paper goods that you might need for your Halloween party. Because everything costs just $1, you don’t feel bad if you throw it away. You can also find door prizes and trinkets to give your guests on the cheap. Don’t forget that dollar stores sell batteries, which is great for your flameless LED candles.

 Michaels, Hobby Lobby and JoAnn

These stores are ideal if you’re the crafty type. JoAnns often has damask-style kitchen linens, which I just love. However, you can also celebrate the natural aspects of Halloween and autumn with plants, flowers and leaves. You can create one-of-a-kind decor and gifts with a little got glue and ingenuity; although, I also found some ready-to-go decor at these places!

 Glitter LED Metal Lanterns from Big Lots

Glitter LED Metal Lanterns from Big Lots

TJ Maxx, Gordman’s and Big Lots

Overstock stores are great for finding more unique Halloween decor and accessories, but you’ll have to snap those things up quickly because these stores get limited numbers. You usually can’t shop online here, either.

Bed, Bath and Beyond

While this store has plenty of other items, you’ll find seasonal items like candle holders to finish off your Halloween theme, whether you’re going scary or sophisticated. Our local store has a tiny clearance section where I can often find Halloween stuff all year long. Plus, if you sign up for the physical or email mailing lists, you’ll get periodic 20% coupons that you can use in store of online. Pier 1 i s a similar store with a smaller selection of Halloween items, but they’re all quality. Because of the higher prices, I’d wait until they go on sale.

Yankee Candle

Every fall, Yankee Candle releases a line of candles with seasonal scents and holders and accessories to go with them. Quite a few items in my collection came from Yankee Candle, but things like the large haunted houses sell out well before October rolls around, so you need to be quick!

Halloween Express and Spirit Halloween

Seasonal Halloween stores have everything that you need, but I often find that the prices are more expensive than they need be. Take a stop at your local temporary store, then head to any other store on this list to compare prices. If it’s a good deal or an item that you can’t find anywhere else, go ahead and buy it. However, you can save 20% off $25+ orders at Halloween Express with code¬†TREAT2013.

Where are your favorite places to shop for Halloween?

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