My Christmas Wishlist

Date Tue, December 17 2013

My Love Comes Bearing GiftsThere are very few things I want this year, but here goes:

  1. A new phone. My eye’s on the HTC Desire
  2. A salon gift certificate for a pedicure
  3. A cashmere sweater
  4. Amazon gift card
  5. Flannel sheets

The thing I realized while writing this was that these are all wants. My needs are all covered this year. I am incredibly grateful for that (although, you can check out my Amazon wishlist).

In fact, I’ve recently added a few “wants” to my collection, including a 3DS and a new hard drive for my laptop. I’ve made a little extra money and scored some awesome deals, and there’s nothing I really need. All in all, life has been really good. This is awesome. I needed it. I was feeling a little bummed for a while.

But I don’t feel that way now. After realizing how my list is so tiny, I can’t help but smile. I’m sure no one will get me anything on this list but it’s okay. They’re all extras anyway, and I’d much rather get the people I love things that they will love.

So what’s on your wishlist this year? Do you think you’ll get anything you really want?

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