Clothing for Crazy Cat Ladies

Date Thu, May 22 2014
OASAP's Cute Cat Necklace

OASAP’s Cute Cat Necklace

I know, I know. I always deny that I am a “crazy cat lady,” but I do have cats. And I do talk about them all the time. If you’re my Facebook friend, you see photos. I might text you the same photos that I upload to Twitter. I can’t help it!

Even though I love cats, I don’t use them as the focus of my decor. So please don’t buy me cat knick knacks or blankets or pillow. I know you think I should love that cat candle holder, but I just won’t.

And I’m not going to wear a fuzzy cat sweater that you knit, I’m sorry. However, there are plenty of options if you do want to profess your love for kittens or show your feline side with your clothes, and you don’t have to

Wear It Meowll Over

Terrible pun, yes, but sometimes you just have to prowl around with your heart on your sleeves, literally.

Start out with a funny, quirky or nerdy t-shirt. Snorg Tees has plenty of options like those below. Whether you’re into the cuteness, the science of it or cat puns. I especially like the Awwsassin shirt!

Cat shirts from Snorg Tees

Cat shirts from Snorg Tees

If it’s a chilier day, you might want to bundle up. For those sort of days, I recommend the Embroidered Cat Round Neck Loose Sweater, which works well with slacks, skirts and even shorts as you’ll see on the Amazon product page.

Perhaps you’re not the t-shirt kind. Then this adorable shirt from Oasap might be up your alley. After all, all cats are grey in the dark, aren’t they? ;) There’s an Etsy seller, PaperCatsPL , who specializes in cat ear apparel. The short-sleeved hooded top with striped cat ears is purrfect.

One way that I do show my love for these creatures is with hooded sweaters and tops. I love the cat ears. They’re adorable, and I have one particular hoodie that people will remember me wearing forever. Some hoodies even come with paw mittens or gloves to complete the whole look. Japan is a great source for pieces like these. Here’s an entire list:

Show a Kit-tle Bit of Love

Yea, not all of us want to look like we’re made out of fur. If you’re the type, then you can consider accents.

Long Chiffon Cat Scarf

Long Chiffon Cat Scarf

This chiffon scarf uses a cat pattern that’s subtle and somehow modern without being too distracting. The fashion scarf is great for fun outfits. I see it with a pair of leggings or fashionable jeans.

There’s also this pair of  stockings that features black cats. I’m sure you’ve seen it floating around the Internet. It looks like you’re wearing  thigh-highs with cat heads at the top, but they’re actually tights. You might not have seen a similar pair with a much smaller pair of white tights and a minimalist cat face. Pair it was a cute miniskirt or dress, and you’ll be cute without overwhelming others with your love for for four-legged creatures.

To show even less, consider a pair of kitty socks. They’ll make your feet as fluffy as a cat. There’s this pair on Amazon. I actually have a pair of socks similar to the tights I discussed earlier. They have ears sticking up above the ankle. Cute!


Any cat lady would be naked without an elegant cat golden pendant. Choose this knit cat ear hat in your favorite color: red, yellow, white, coffee, beige or black. Adorn your paws with a cat ear ring like the one I reviewed from Oasap, or drape your neck with their delicate gold cat necklace, which is much easier to wear than an actual cat. Prowl around Cat Vamp Creepers, and you’re all set!

What are your favorite items on this list? Who do you know who would love these cat-themed items?

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