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Date Fri, September 12 2014

On a recent trip to CVS, I stopped to look for razor blades. Sadly, my beloved Venus Divine seems to be discontinued, and I’m just not as big a fan of the Embrace blades. So, I was essentially comparing between the CVS house brand and Schick’s Hydro Silk. FYI, I opted to just buy a new handlewith the Hydro Silk — my third now — because it came with three replacement blades and was ultimately a better deal than buying just the blades.

CVS 5 Blade Women's Razor Cartridges

CVS 5 Blade Women’s Razor Cartridges

However, I looked at the CVS brand and was shocked to find that it looked similar — no, exactly like — the razors I reviews from 800Razors. I checked when I got home, and sure enough they’re identical.

For $8 at CVS, you’ll get one handle and one blade. For $9, you’ll get 4 replacement razor blades from the CVS brand.

You can purchase 12 blades and get a free handle from 800Razors for $25.95. It’s a bit better deal for the same product from 800Razors; although, CVS often has coupons — I often get one for $4 off razor blades — and you don’t have to wait for shipping.

Sometimes shopping smart isn’t as obvious as it seems at first glance!

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  1. Mike September 20 2014 @ 10:09 pm

    They’re made by American Safety Razor Co., which makes a lot of store brand razors and blades, and their own line called Personna. Same products.

  2. Cole September 20 2014 @ 10:32 pm

    Thanks for this info!

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