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Date Wed, November 5 2014

Fundraising is a great way to raise money for a charity or organization. You might host a bake sale, a car wash, a carnival or even a marathon to raise those funds. With t shirts printing for evernt, you can add yet another money making level to your event. Think of how much extra money you can make when you print customized shirts and sell those shirts to participants and others who show up to the event. While some think that customized shirts cost too much money, you might find yourself surprised at how affordable those shirts really are.

T Shirts and More

The first thing that many people think of are t shirts, but these shirts are far from your only option. A t shirt usually consists of a shirt in a solid color with a logo or an image placed on the front. You can opt for a customized design on both the front and back, shirts that incorporate different colors and even baseball shirts. If you plan a more formal event, you might consider buying customized polo shirts in lieu of tee shirts. Some shoppers also design and purchase jerseys, hats, caps and sweatshirts.

How it Works

Creating customized tee shirts for your event is a snap. You can upload a design of your choosing, or you can look through the existing designs and find one that works for your event. After selecting or uploading a design, you can make any changes that you need, including enlarging or decreasing the size of the font or image and changing the style and coloring of the lettering. You then get the chance to decide on the color and type of shirt that you want and the sizes that you need. Once you’re happy with the final design, simply decide how many shirts you need and pay for your order.

Not Just for Fundraising Events

While many customers of customized tee shirts use those shirts for fundraising events, you’ll also find that these designs are great for other events. Consider making shirts with your family name, date of the event and other information the next time you hold a family reunion. If you and your high school friends have your own reunion, buy customized shirts for that event. The shirts are also great for teams, bachelor and bachelorette parties, as advertising for your company and for dozens of other uses. Get your shirts at ShirtMagic and similar sites today.

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