Date Sat, May 10 2008
Savings Since 2008 Thanks to Ebates!

Savings Since 2008 Thanks to Ebates!

Ebates is a website that gives you cash back for purchases you make online. You can use it with hundreds of stores, including your favourite. Simply sign up at Ebates to earn your first $5 and you’re well on your way to the first check.

Stop off at Ebates before heading to sites like Newegg, Barnes and Noble, Hot Topic, Adidas, Joann Fabrics, Target and even Expedia!

Earn a percentage back from all your purchases and, if you’re like me, and shop online all the time, you’ll soon be cashing your very own check from Ebates. Those cash back rates aren’t always the same, either. They can change during the busiest shopping season of the year — Christmas — and many stores have higher rates on Black Friday and other special shopping days!

The best part of Ebates is, I’ve actually seen the checks. It’s legitimate!

Since 2008, I’ve earned over $125 as you can see from my screenshot (December 2014). About a third of that was earned in the last quarter of 2014 alone, which is pretty impressive. There was a lot of time when I forgot to use Ebates, and I obviously missed out on free money because of it!

The store profiles also give you updates on current sales and coupons, which is why Ebates is one of my favorite websites to use to save money.

If you’re at all thinking of joining, click my affiliate link. I’ll earn a small commission, but you can do the same by referring your friends to ebates, too!

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