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Date Mon, December 15 2014

There’s a new trend this year. Well, maybe I lie. Perhaps it’s an old trend that I missed. You see, the ugly Christmas sweater is back. and it’s better than ever! There are a ton of fun geek designs that I would wear, and I’ve never even worn an ugly Christmas sweater!

Every day I log on to Facebook, and I see at least once. The pixelated designs. The bright colors. The sheer cheesiness and joy. How can you not love it?!

And even if you’re not into sweaters, you can get many of these prints on t-shirts and pair them with your favorite cozy cardigan and Santa hat. You’ll make your fellow employees smile and get a laugh out of your family at those holiday parties.

geeky christmas tees

The Island of Misfit Sweaters, Meowy Christmas and You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out!

1. Meowy Christmas

Cats! Puns! It’s a Christmas miracle! This design from Donkey Tees is available as a sweater and a t-shirt, but I adore the off-the-shoulder sweater design for women!

2. The Island of Misfit Sweaters

I can’t believe I have yet to watch a single holiday movie this year. What’s up with that? I have a fondness for many of them, even those that aren’t traditional. Rudolph, of course, is one of my favorites. I always had a soft spot for those toys on the Island of Misfit Toys. This sweater pays homage to them and is cleverly named, if you ask me. I assume you did. You’re reading my blog, after all!

3. You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out!

Here’s another movie-inspired shirt. A Christmas Story is one that everyone knows. Even if you don’t like it, it’s become iconic. The leg lamp. And this quote. Five Finger Tees sell this as a lightweight tee for both men and women for under $10!

Ring in the New Year with Sonic

Ring in the New Year with Sonic


This is probably my favorite of all the geeky Christmas tees I’ve seen. I don’t think I’d ever put Sonic in a winter scene. I think of green rolling hills, but this one is just so perfect. The textures used in the game just work so perfectly. This sweater costs a bit more than some on this list and the seller, Yellow Bulldog, is based in the UK, which means free shipping to folks who live there. Wait for it to come back in stock, and I’m sure you won’t regret it!

If Sonic isn’t your thing, the same site sells a Street Fighter sweater that’s pretty sweet if you’re a fan.

5. Gremlins Knit Sweater

This is an actual knit sweater, and it comes with a heftier price tag, but it’s fucking amazing. The hanging gremlins around the collar? Genius! Sadly, it’s too late to wear it for this Christmas, but this is one sweater I would likely wear all winter long, and it would make a great gift for yourself after spending all that time shopping for everyone else on your list.

star wars christmas sweater

star wars christmas sweater


Look Human has the coolest Star Wars Christmas sweater this year. It’s not the coolest I’ve ever seen, but it is the most detailed that you can get in 2014. Who knows what next year will bring? Actually, we should be watching “The Force Awakens” in just about twelve months. which is a pretty good gift for anyone who’s a Star Wars fan. The men’s/unisex version is nice, but I love the grey and white women’s cut, which is curvier and has a relaxed neck.

7. The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Girls Knit Pullover Top

Hot Topic’s got the one Christmas sweater I’d be most likely to buy, and I’d ague that it isn’t ugly. It’s perfect for your holiday party or bowling or watching the movie at home while curled up on the couch. This one’s only for the ladies. Sorry guys. Affirmative action.

The Sweater That Lived, LORD OF THE RINGS CHRISTMAS STYLE, Who's Sweater Is This

The Sweater That Lived, LORD OF THE RINGS CHRISTMAS STYLE, Who’s Sweater Is This

8. The Sweater That Lived

I didn’t want to leave any of my Harry Potty fans out in the cold. So here’s a t-shirt for you, featuring wizardy things that I’m not quite familiar with. Enjoy!


The White Tree of Gondor might be the perfect Christmas tree, Groot aside! Redbubble offers this in both hoodies (with and without zippers) and sweaters in addition to t-shirts in a variety of colors.


There is no shortage of Dr. Who Christmas merch. It’s super difficult to choose just one. Redbubble has multiple designs from many vary talented artists. Societee sells this print at a variety of sites, but Redbubble is not only a site that I’m affiliated with, but they’ve got some great holiday sales going on, too!

Bonus: CELEBRATE!!!focuses on Daleks in their most festive form yet!

11.  1.21 STITCHES

Marty and Doc have to go back to the future to save Christmas! Oh Em Gee!

PAWNEE CHRISTMAS SWEATER, Super Christmas Bros, Who's Shirt Is This, Christmas Is Coming

PAWNEE CHRISTMAS SWEATER, Super Christmas Bros, In High Spirits, Christmas Is Coming


As it turns out, 8-bit video games in green, while and red make the perfect ugly Christmas sweater. Even plumber pants are just a short stop away from an elf’s outfit. Grab your candy cane and beat those goombas!


Parks and Rec might be over forever, but it will always be in my heart. Just like Christmas. And you know Leslie Knope is right there with me. The rest of the department makes  an appearance, and the motif of Lil Sebastian is just tops!


This is the “ugly” Christmas print that started it all for me this year. I hadn’t even thought about these designs before I saw this one. Ecto 1. Gozer. Slimer. The New York Skyline. Can we make a holiday dessert out of Stay Puft marshmallow fluff?


Who will sit on the Iron Throne? Oh, how about Santa of house Claus? His reindeer can survive in the frigid winters beyond the wall, and power of flight will surely come in handy when fighting for supremacy against Dani’s dragons!  There are a number of Game of Thrones tees available in Christmas sweater smile, but the adorable dire wolves on this one won me over.

So which of these ugly sweater designs is your favorite? Do you have a Christmas party you’d wear them to? Do you have a picture of an ugly Christmas sweater you wore in the past?

Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Jenn December 15 2014 @ 3:15 pm

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    Thanks for reading!

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