I finally did it!

Date Mon, August 18 2014

If you’re expecting some soul searching or a super-revealing post, this isn’t it. This is the one that errs on the side of silly albeit practical.

So what did I finally do? I bought a rechargeable battery charger with batteries. I was prompted with some awesome CVS coupons (do you know how much I love CVS, guys?!).

Picture by: Ian Britton - FreeFoto.com

Rechargeable batteries: good for my wallet and the environment

I don’t go through AA and AAA batteries are often as I used to. Once upon a time, there were controllers, an MP3 player, a CD player and many remotes that needed these. Now, most of my controllers are rechargeable. But I still do have a couple scattered remotes and, of course, my Toilettree skin brush that use alkaline batteries. I wound up with a bunch of not-quite-used-up batteries that didn’t do any sort of good. I didn’t want to throw them away, but my brush or what-have-you wouldn’t perform well with those barely-alive batteries.

So I got a charger, which came with 2 AAs. I wanted to add AAAs to the list, but I didn’t want to spend almost $20 on a 4-pack when the charger itself cost less than $10. How does that work anyway?

It took me years to consider them. Many people had encouraged me to do so along the way, but I didn’t listen. Perhaps because I so infrequently have to change batteries anymore, and that’s all thanks to USB cables basically.

I’ve heard that rechargeable batteries don’t fit in all battery packs, but I hope I won’t have an issue.

I am looking forward to the overall savings I’ll see. Even with subscription options on Amazon, you wind up tossing/recycling alkaline batteries. That $7 to $12 really adds up over time. According to the package, these batteries should last me around 5 years, which would be pretty awesome.

Plus, most people just toss theirs in the trash (I have been guilty of this — oops), which is terrible for the environment. Another thing I know I’m going to love is the ability to charge both AAs and AAAs and batteries from different makers simultaneously.

So, do you use rechargeable batteries?

Is there anything else you put off buying for months or even years even though it made sense to buy it right now?

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