Getting Stylish with Halloween Jewelry

Date Tue, October 29 2013

Boy, do I love this upcoming holiday! However, there are aspects that are a little cheesy or tacky. Don’t get me wrong! I still love them. However, they don’t work well in a professional setting.

I remember an article I read some years ago about showing your personality through accessories, and it stuck with me. Halloween is the perfect time to put that into play, and there are plenty of

Stering Silver Reconstituted Black Onyx Widow Spider

Sterling Silver Reconstituted Black Onyx Widow Spider

Spiders and Creepy Crawlies

What’s creepier than things that fall? Especially When you can see their webs but not their bodies, it’s not cool. It’s not all Charlotte the spider, right? Spiders are actually ridiculously common for jewelry, which you might not know if you haven’t gone looking for them specifically. There’s this sterling silver onyx necklace if you’re a fan of gems, while these earrings are lighter on the gems but still plenty sophisticated. They cost less than $25, too!

This beetle pin/brooch or tie pin almost feels a little Egyptian, and you can use it for various purposes. The Etsy seller has a few similar pieces, which might be good for scientists, too.

Pink Wing Vampire Bat Pin

Pink Wing Vampire Bat Pin


Vampires and bats go hand in hand — or fang in fang — this season. I love bats because they can be spooky or cute! Even Jack Skellington wears a bat as a bow tie, and he’s one stylish bloke. This upside-down bat pendant is an example of cute all the way! It’s easy to conceal, and you could even turn it into a keychain. This necklace will make a bolder statement, but not every environment will allow the style. Finally, this brooch is all blinged out, and it’s perfect when you’re bundled up on cardigans to bear the chilly weather.

For the men: try these cuff links from Etsy.

Zombie Cameo Pendant

Zombie Cameo Pendant

Skulls and Skeletons

There’s something about skulls that I just like. Perhaps it’s how spartan they seem. Maybe it’s the idea of something that creeps everyone else out so much. Then again, I might just like the idea of a certain Hamlet speech. It’s a lucky thing that you can get some many neat skull things. I think I would wear this skull cameo pendant all year round. The pendant has an awesome frame of skulls, which is just the perfect detail in my opinion.  For ring lovers, this bony hand wraps around your own.

I’ve never worn an ear cuff, but this one reminds me of a rib cage. It’s unique and doesn’t necessarily stand out. You can hide it under your hair. I prefer the silver to brass, but you have options. You’ll look like a skeleton is grasping your wrists when you wear the “Curse of Ezekiel Skeleton Hand Bracelet.” Another adornment for your wrist reminds me of a piece of Goa’uld technology, but only other fans would understand. With bones for fingers and rings for each of them, it’s a unique bracelet.

A different take on this idea is to keep your organs right where they belong. The realism of the lungs and rib cage necklace is something that I personally like.

Men don’t  always have as much choice, but there’s a skull tie tack that I think is awesome. It’ll go swell with these cufflinks.

Pumpkin Ring

Pumpkin Ring

Everything Else

Of course, you can’t lump everything into three categories. Werewolves, ghosts, pumpkins, witches and more are all iconic of Halloween and things that go bump in the night. For example, this pumpkin ring is chic and seasonal. A black cat around your neck may indicate that you’re a crazy cat lady like I am or maybe you prefer canines.

The full moon rises and out comes the werewolf. The dual metals in this pendant perfect represent lycanthropy. I like to think of this ring as the claws of a wolf, but it could be anything. Pentagrams are popular with Wiccans and people who celebrate Samhain, but they’re cool if you just wanna wear it for decoration, I won’t tell. This crescent moon pendant is also bewitching. Check out these earrings; they’re actually haunted houses! The artist on Etsy has similar, spooky pieces.

Finally, you can keep an eye out with this “watcher” ring.

Bonus: These bobby pins are super cute. So is this skull scarf. Okay one more: Jack Skellington pendant!

Which of these items would you wear to show your festiveness?

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