Are you going to buy me a birthday present?

Date Fri, May 30 2014

Tomorrow is my birthday – a whole 28 years old. Despite the fact that I’ve been over for more than a quarter of a century, people still don’t know how to shop for me. Now, I admit. I am difficult to shop for. If I want something, I typically buy it before you’ll have a chance to buy it for me.

And I have such varied interests so shopping for me is probably difficult unless we share some of those interests. Furthermore, I’m kind of finicky. I have very specific tastes when it comes to the artistic appeal of something and even the smell of something. My friend Ashe would never buy me something that’s scented. When you add into it that I don’t like clutter or knick-knacks, I may be the single most difficult person to shop for on the planet.

But it’s not impossible. I am definitely not adverse to gift cards and cash. However, I recommend gift cards to places where I will have to treat myself rather than buying food or a vacuum cleaner. These are always good options:

  • Amazon
  • Gamestop
  • Debs
  • Torrid
  • Sephora
  • iTunes

Obviously, I like makeup, games and clothes. Gadgets are also awesome. But knowing which of those games, clothes or gadgets I could want or need is a problem.

So gift cards work. They also give me the chance to shop, which I love to do. In person. Online. I like to compare, to find the best deals. I don’t know how well that comes off here at Reviews by Cole, but my bank account sure does feel it.

Anyway, I don’t expect much for my birthday. People don’t really buy me things, perhaps for this reason or perhaps because they can’t afford it or maybe we’re just not the type of adults who do that sort of thing, which is okay. I don’t really buy birthday presents, either, and spending time with the people whom I care about it often better than a gift anyway.

But I do love it when someone happens to surprise me with a gift that is unexpectedly awesome because it reminds me that they have been paying attention to me, and as someone who is pretty observant, knowing what to buy someone comes pretty easily to me. I just have to decide that I am going to shop for another person.

There are several people who think I give the best gifts – my sister among them – so it stumps me that it comes so easily for me to shop for other people and yet I am so difficult to shop for. Alas,  my birthday will be awesome anyway!

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  1. Freda Mans May 30 2014 @ 6:29 pm

    Happy ‘early’ Birthday! I hope they get it right this year!

  2. Cole May 31 2014 @ 8:46 am


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