Help Me Choose a Swimsuit

Date Mon, March 28 2016

I don’t own a swimsuit. It’s been years since I have. I can’t remember the last new one I purchased. I think there was a few hand-me-downs over the years. Maybe I’ve never even had a brand-new suit!

Because I spent the weekend in a hotel, I wanted to get one to wear in the hot tub. I headed to Amazon and realized how much I like vintage-inspired styles. I read a ton of reviews and settled on a suit that hundreds of other women have loved. I was pretty anxious to review it. Then, I tried it on and..

It was too short. I mean, I’m only 5’2, guys! I had to pull and yank and grab to cover my damn boobs. That’s.. no good. And with how thin the material is (and some others’ comments about quality), I knew this would cause it to tear even if I did keep it. So I’m sending it back.. and I’m in the market for a replacement that’s affordable.

This brings me to Target, which has some super cute and affordable swimsuits this (and every?) year. But there are so many I like, that I can’t make up my mind.

This is where you come in readers! Let me know which one you love!


  1. Women’s Bandeau Contrast Stripe One Piece Swimsuit
  2. Women’s Polka Dot Bandeau Swim Dress Temple
  3. Women’s Bandeau One Piece
  4. Women’s Twist Front Bandeau One Piece
  5. Women’s Bandeau Wrap One Piece
  6. Women‘s Halter Swim Dress
  7. One Shoulder Solid One Piece Swimsuit

The ones with removable straps will likely be less supportive, while the first is probably the least flattering. But I do love me some black and white straps! The Women’s Bandeau One Piece is super cute but Target only has a photo of the black option up right now. I lovelovelove the Women‘s Halter Swim Dress in plum! The color is gorgeous! The last one is unique and probably more supportive than some of the thinner straps.

So what do you like? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Bass Kevin March 28 2016 @ 2:32 pm


    My other favorites are 7 4 and 5

  2. Jenn April 2 2016 @ 4:04 pm

    #2 and #6!

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