Be a Hero.. In Space

Date Tue, November 5 2013

I recently discovered Kiwi Crate, this service where you can sign up for monthly boxes with activities for your little ones. You can also purchase individual boxes, my favorite of which is the Space Hero kit. I mean, even the name is awesome. The reason that this kit attracted my eye is because of the cape and mask. Obviously, the comic geek in me loves the theme! The space part comes into play with the “Comet Catch,” described as such:

With bright fabric and ribbons, make a special ball for a game of comet catch .

Everyone's a hero in their own way!Kiwi Crate seems to be the type of thing that my sister would like because she’s so crafty. However, the fact that each box has specific activities means there’s less waste, and kids can use the items that they make to fuel their imagination.

If you’re looking for seasonal fun, Kiwi Crate has some holiday boxes, too. The Thanksgiving box includes some adorable place holders for your table. The gifts page is awesome because you can purchase a Kiwi Crate for someone else.

All of the kits have simple crafts that seem better for younger kids. I’ve seen a lot of crafts that didn’t turn out as well as advertised, and Kiwi Crafts seems a little more foolproof, I’d guess you’d say. No melting or baking or what-have-you. I like the simplicity of it, and I think you might, too.

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