Home Sweet Home?

Date Sat, September 20 2008

I’m so glad things are finally shaping up around here. Save for a few broken dishes (surprisingly, only one coffee cup broke in the move) and a need for more storage (we’ll be buying bookcases soon for books and DVDs) our apartment it starting to feel like home.

One of the things that really helps this – besides having our own stuff – is our brand new bedroom furniture ,which I absolutely love, and mattresses which are much nicer than any I have ever used before.

I only wish that furniture shopping was so easy when we were in Japan. If he hadn’t needed to wait for shipping, only to realize that our furniture was also damaged and ugly (but oh-so-comfortable!), I would have been a much happier camper.

If in the future, we decide to replace the sofa and chair (or perhaps we’ll just have it reupholstered), we may look at a modern sofa. However, I’m very picky so it might still just be a hassle.

Also, on an unrelated note, I’ve just noticed some issues with the ads and EntreCard placement on this site. It seems that refreshing will fix the problem.

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