Ideas for your Next Star Wars Birthday Party

Date Mon, February 9 2015

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Have you all seen that link being shared on Facebook about the awesome Star Wars wedding? Take a look if you haven’t. Now, I’m not the biggest fan of Star Wars, but I just love how they did this. I love that everything is not only geeky but sleek and sophisticated, just like how I’d want my own wedding. With this in mind, I’ve been considering how you can use that same theme for other occasions, including birthdays.

Star Wars Storm Trooper Candy Bowl and Holder from: Birthday Express & Costume Express

Star Wars Storm Trooper Candy Bowl and Holder
from: Birthday Express & Costume Express

  • Use red and blue rock candy to create light saber-themed treats
  • Replace silverware with light sabers (I’ve personally seem some awesome light saber chopsticks!)
  • Have people choose a side — Sith or Jedi
  • Focus on the crisp white hues (like Stormtroopers) for a more sophisticated party or use red and blue for a colorful child’s party!
  • Encourage guests to come dressed as their favorite Star Wars character. You can even dress up the family pet as Wicket!
  • Create a photo boot area with an instant camera in reach. Place props such as light sabers or play blasters near the backdrop and encourage your guests to get creative and silly!
  • Set up a laser tag round. Don’t worry, though. Everyone knows Stormtroopers always miss! ;)
  • Send your guests away with gift bags containing Star Wars straws, watches, action figures and more. Let them choose whether their bags are from the Empire or Rebel Alliance!
  • Decorate your table with cups, plates, straws and napkins featuring the Star Wars theme. Birthday Express has all of those items for a successful Star Wars party. In fact, you can buy the entire birthday in a box for 8 or 16 guests with prices starting at $23.71! You’ll save up to 40% when buying the bundle, and you can use the coupon code BX20FEB100 to save $20 if you spend over $100!

Click below to view all the great party favors and decor from Birthday Express. Of course, you don’t have to just save it for birthdays. Adults can geek out, too!

What would your Star Wars party look like? Let us know in the comments!

Star Wars Rebels Party supplies at Birthday Express

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