It’s Etsy!

Date Wed, August 12 2009

I don’t know how many of you are familiar with Etsy. Probably quite a few. I’ve known about it for a cuople years but I never actually made any purchases until just recently. Part of the reason was that a lot of the things I ran across when I was first introduced to the site had a DIY and cheap flavour to it. I can, honestly, never imagine paying for a dinky little friendship bracelet. I’m sorry. More recently, I’ve started looking at Etsy as a small business market rather than flea market and that might be due to some of the items I’ve been looking at or had my eye on.

ambercandleflowerFor instance, I bought an amber coloured, lotus shaped candle holder, which is now sitting atop my mantle shelf, from katiediditglass. (I do need to move some of the pictures so it’s not to crowded). It looks great with a tealight in it and I can’t wait to burn it (with some very careful kitty supervision). Okay, I just lit it up because, why not?

It doesn’t feel (or look) cheap quality or DIY at all. The flame through the glass petals look great and the reflection on the walls around it is also gorgeous. It definitely looks “bigger” all lit up and can even be used two ways. Mine is with the petals pointing up.

skullpotholderI’m still waiting on a pair of potholders (which may be in the mailbox, actually) from Etsy user AlternativeSewing. They feature rather Day of the Dead-esque skulls and red roses. I even figured out a way to display them, rather than leaving them stuffed in a drawer which I haven’t done with anything in my kitchen thus far. Depending on how much I like them and how Ryan feels, I may opt in for the table runner, too, and eventually make my own place mats to match.

I will definitely be spending more time on Etsy for household things but there’s also a host of vintage items. Vintage isn’t really my thing but if you’re into ye olde fashion, it’s worth checking out. if you’re more crafty than I am (yet), you can browse a host of supplies. Fabric, yarn, canvas, buttons and beads, patterns and even wood are all waiting for you to buy them.

floralbrocadeIn fact, I picked up some absolutely gorgeous red floral brocade fabric for a bedroom project. (Why haven’t I finished that yet?!). It’s actually reversible with black flowers on red on one side and the opposite on the other side. I was floored by how pretty it was when I got the package. Picture did not do it any justice. Unfortunately, it catches Phantom’s eye too, so I’ve had to tuck it away.

I’ll probably make another purchase or two before I’m done. I’ve really become quite the fan of Etsy.

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  1. Katherine August 12 2009 @ 8:29 pm

    Have you tried this shop?
    It’s wonderful that you gave handmade items another look. There are some amazingly talented people out there . Wishing you happiness.

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