It’s The Thought, Right?

Date Fri, February 12 2010

Yesterday I bought a couple Valentine’s Day cards. I know they’re commercial and don’t know if they will all be well received but I like the idea and the ones I picked were either really cute or fitting. I’m a bit old fashioned, though. I don’t really like all the music playing ones but there are a lot. I saw one that actually played the damned Hamster Dance (don’t pretend you don’t remember it!) and this neat one where Scooby and Shaggy talk back and forth to one another but they’re ridiculously expensive, just like all the waxy chocolates that cost an arm and a leg and should come with a guide for a weight loss program, anyway. I figure there’s a card or candy that will do just as well or better for cheaper. I guess I’m just cheap that way.

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  1. eva February 12 2010 @ 2:33 am

    i always used to buy my mom those tiny whitman’s chocolate boxes that used to come with snoopy stuffies for like, every holiday. they had just the right amount of good candy, and she loves snoopy.

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