It’s the Thought That Counts

Date Fri, July 22 2011

In my most recent post in my personal blog, I talked about how much my sister loves me and I chuckled because my title sounded like someone you’d get on a t-shirt or coffee mug in a tourist shop. The type of thing my sister probably would buy me because, you know, she’s a dork. It’s not that I don’t appreciate kitschy gifts like custom mugs, it’s just that other people would appreciate them far more than I do. You see, I drink neither coffee nor tea and, even if I did, I’d be loathe to do so in this heat wave. There are just other people who are far more likely to enjoy that sort of gift.

No, that’s not the ideal gift for me and, to be honest, I couldn’t tell you what is. There’s not a specific “it” thing. There are many things that I would enjoy but the gifts that I love the most are those that others have put a bit of thought into. It could be store bought or home-made, it could be expensive or not so much but as long as someone is thoughtful, it’ll mean a lot to me. That is precisely why I hate telling people what to buy me. That completely negates the one aspect that is sure to guarantee that I like a gift and I don’t know how to explain that people well enough, I guess.

To put things into perspective, the best gift I received in quite a while was a small stuffed animal, a box of cereal and a t-shirt. Nothing extravagant but there was a running theme and that took thought and I couldn’t have appreciated that more. Even something that I wind up not using is better than a gift someone purchased after having to ask me what I wanted, that’s how much it means to me.


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