Let it be known: Spring is finally here!

Date Wed, April 9 2014

Now that spring has finally sprung (I really thought it was never going to happen!), it’s time to get outside. I’ve already walked miles upon miles and even pulled a muscle, but I don’t care because SPRING! LOL I think you guys can tell how excited I am. Maybe you’re a little less excited because you’re thinking about spring cleaning. This isn’t something I typically do because I am a pretty organized person all around.

However, it’s also the time for spring break, children’s parties, Easter egg hunts and flowers!  So enjoy the warmth, take an allergy pill if you need to, and celebrate all that is spring!

An easy way to do that is with Kiwi Crate, a project-in-a-box subscription service that has tons of fun activities for you and the little ones to do. All you need is already in the box, and Kiwi Crate offers plenty of projects with spring themes.  Click the banner below to see what kind of options are available.


Kiwi Crate offers a range of subscription levels, all shipped for free:

And what’s not available as a kit, you can find with easy-to-follow DIY steps. There’s some great ones to inspired spring, including Happy Spring Pop-Up Cards.

If you celebrate Easter, there’s also the Bunny Ears Chocolate Bars. Super cute! In fact, they’re pretty secular, so you could try them out even if your family likes the Easter Bunny. It reminds me of these flowers I saw in Wal-mart last night — they used pipe cleaners to make bunny ears and faces. Adorable!

But Kiwi Crate really is awesome all year round if you have a child or sister like I do who loves to craft!

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