Like Ishmael and Moby Dick!

Date Tue, August 25 2015

It may seem dramatic if I compare shopping to looking for my white whale, but I’m willing to bet that someone of you can sympathize. Especially if you’re curvy, short, proportioned other than society thinks you should be or otherwise not shaped like a mannequin or a hanger. I’ve mentioned trouble before. Shopping for jeans is especially difficult when you’re short. But this post isn’t about that

This is about the bra, something more women consider a necessary evil. Bras can do amazing things. They make breasts look more even and smooth, push them up and together, make clothes fit better and make us feel sexy, among other things.

I am not in the market for just any bra, however. I have several that I like, but I need one to replace my current low-cut bra. It’s the only one I own that can be worn with certain tops. I’m sure that being short exacerbates this because moderately low-cut tops become much more so on my frame. My current bra fits well and does an amazing job at lift. Because it’s a bit lower, my boobs look great, too!

But I’ve had it for some time, and the satin layers are actually coming apart from the rest of the cups. And the underwire has been poking out for over a year if I recall correctly. I fix it temporarily with sticky moleskin, but this can’t last forever.

Now, I would replace this awesome bra with the same one if VS still makes it. They don’t. It was a limited run last year. Other bras in my size aren’t nearly lowcut enough, and while I could opt for a smaller cup, they don’t make one in my band size. You see how this is becoming difficult?

I seriously considered buying a bra from Torrid, but I’ve never purchased a pushup bra from them before. Plus, I want to go down that cup size, and everything in that size is sold out online. So I could try the next size up, which would fit but would be too high for the tops I want to wear it with.

What makes it worse is that there’s no Torrid here, so I have to shop online. This means paying for shipping and possibly return shipping. That’s 1/3 the cost of the bra if it doesn’t work out. You can see why this is being so difficult.

So I decided to opt for some demi and low-cut bras from Lane Bryant. I ordered them to the store with free shipping so I can try them on right away and return them if need be, but I’ve never ordered any of their bras before, so I may not likeĀ eitherĀ of them.

This wouldn’t be nearly as much of a problem if all the bras I’m looking at cost less than $40-$50, but a girl’s gotta look amazing, am I right?

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