Lingerie for that special day!

Date Thu, February 12 2009

I cannot believe there are only 2 days until Valentine’s Day. (On the bright side, this means I have survived over 2 weeks without Ryan. =() As you can guess, my V-day will be nothing special but I’m not one of those girls who expects flowers and a romantic dinner and jewelry and the whole shebang. Still, I wouldn’t mind having occasion to wear something a little special – like a corset I own – or even to go shopping for something new! Corset Diva carries a lot of big names in corsets, including Axford and Vollers and while they may be priced a little higher, those corsets will work wonders and last forever. I personally love the Red Devoire & Velvet Corset by Vollers. It could be worn with just about anything and look awesome.

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