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Date Thu, December 26 2013
Hot stone Massage

Hot stone Massage

Although I don’t really need anything for the holidays, I certainly wouldn’t mind something. One thing that I’ve requested and made mention of over the years is a gift certificate to a local spa. In fact, I live within walking distance to several, in fact. I’d love to get a pedicure because my feet get so beaten up from all the walking that I do. I also hold a lot of stress in my body, so I’d absolutely love a massage.

In fact, a few friends and I tried to schedule a massage a few years ago. We wanted to start a holiday tradition, but it just didn’t.. work out. Whenever someone asks me for an idea for a gift for someone, I automatically suggest the massage. Maybe it’s because I want one. I just think it’s a good idea to get that one person on your list who already has everything a service rather than an item. I definitely fall into that group because I buy myself everything that I want. It’s hard  for others to buy things for me like that.

And the closest I’ve ever gotten to a massage is this pseudo hand massage one time when I got my hair cut.

I’m not even picky about the type of massage. Neck and body? Hot stone? Reiki? Swedish? Deep tissue? Shiatsu? I’m good with them all.

So I guess if you’re still doing last-minute shopping, Tulare California massages like those from are certainly an option to check out. In fact, you might as well get a massage for yourself because I can guarantee you’re pretty stressed out from doing all your Christmas shopping so late in the year. The season makes me frazzled, and I’ve already had my shopping done for a week or so!

Have you ever had a massage? Is this a good gift for you?

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