What Mom Really Wants for Mother’s Day

Date Fri, May 9 2014

Now, originally, I was going to create a post about what you could buy Mom for Mother’s Day, but I had a better idea. I wanted to know what Mom actually wanted. So I took a quick, informal poll on my personal Facebook page tonight, asking all my mom friends what they wanted for Mother’s Day. Here’s a quick rundown of the results.

  • Mother's DayTo relax & have all the housework magically done for me
  • Dove milk chocolate, filled with caramel. A lovely fruity margaritas…or three, and…this is the big one: to stay up late the night before and sleep in that day. But, the standard hugs and kisses and love from my babes will do.
  • A nap — Nik
  • A new camera — Jessica
  • Sleep, cookies and tacos — Dez
  • Chocolate — Terri
  • Tires and hair dye — Jenn
  • Gift cards to new restaurants — Allyson

Now, the answers from my friends quickly illustrated a few things.

All mom wants for Mother’s Day is something that you indicate you thought of her and not just the holiday itself. Don’t just pick up some waxy chocolates from the gas station on the way home. Pick up her favorite candybar. Make a basket or bouquet of them with her favorite flowers, not just week-old carnations from Walmart.

I also asked my fans of Reviews by Cole to tell me about their best Mother’s Day gifts, and responses indicated that spending time with their loved ones was more important than gifts.

However, there are also things that moms don’t want. They don’t want things like ironing boards, which simply remind them of work. Don’t get a washing machine or a kitchen appliance unless Mom enjoys baking as a hobby. Then, you might consider some Rachael Ray cookware. But you probably don’t want to remind Mom that she spends so much time taking care of house and the family in a way that says “Get to work.” What you do should say “Thank you.”

And while your mom might even enjoy a new washing machine, this is not a gift for mom. It’s a purchase for your home. It will make her feel better, but you should make sure to do something extra for Mom on Mother’s Day. That’s why so many of these responses simply indicated that Mom wants some time to breathe and relax without having to cook, clean or deal with crying and whining.

She wants to sit down for five minutes to read her favorite book, watch TV, play a game on her iPad or simply do nothing at all. She just wants the ability to do anything other than “be Mom,” and it might take her a while to decide what that it. However, giving her the opportunity to decide what she wants to do makes a great Mother’s Day Present. Because by letting Mom have some breathing space shows that you appreciate all her hard work by doing some of that hard work for her so she can take a break from that hard work, which she also knows as her life.

For one day a year, her life should be about her.

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  1. MrDisco May 10 2014 @ 11:59 am

    relaxing is the best gift of all!

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