My 4 Favorite Sites to Save Money

Date Tue, September 20 2011

Saving money. It’s something we all like to do and it’s something I’m nowhere near close to mastering but I’m trying to become better at remembering to do so. That’s half the battle anyway. But, really, there are a couple websites that make saving so much easier.

Retailmenot is the one website that I usually remember to check when shopping online. It includes coupon codes for hundreds of stores and I always use it when I buy something from Victoria’s Secret. I also use it when frequenting department stores like Sears or Kohls as well as when I renew my domains with GoDaddy. In fact, the coupons on Retailmenot usually make it so much more sensible to shop online, especially if I’m familiar with what I’m buying. I pretty much never shop at Victoria’s Secret if I don’t have an actual coupon or if it’s not an emergency.
Save Money Ebates
I’ve talked about Ebates before and well not a coupon site, it saves me money with rebates. I first discovered it when a customer cashed a check from them at the Enlisted Club in Japan. Sadly, I’ve not saved nearly as much as I could have with Ebates because I forget about it. I could have used it tonight on Amazon and the last time I purchased shoes from Sears. Luckily, I did use it when I bought my laptop but I should add it to my bookmarks toolbar or something so I remember to use it. It’s really as easy as clicking a link to the store where you want to shop and earning cashback — how much depends on the store you choose — with qualifying purchases. They offer PayPal as a payment option now, too.
I’ve started looking into couponing a little bit more seriously and this is the one coupon printing site that I like. To be honest, there’s not so many that apply to local stores and I can’t even use any of those fancy loyalty card coupon programs. Still, I hope on the website every few days to look for new coupons, “clip” them digitally and print them. I haven’t had any problem with stores accepting them either and that’s awesome. is actually the reason I installed my printer on the laptop and I’m glad I did.Note that powers the coupon sections of several manufacturer websites like Pillsbury and Walmart so you might as well go to instead of the individual sites to get all of your coupons in one place. Otherwise, you’ll be staring at the same coupons repeatedly.

Target’s website is awesome because it partners with Amazon so I can place one order at once from both places. Plus, I can use Ebates (look up!) to get cashback on those purchases. I don’t recall if Target orders qualify for Free Super Saver Shipping but I’m happy enough that I don’t need to sign up for another account. But the real money saving comes from Target’s printable coupons pages. Although there is some overlap with, Target includes some more unique coupons that you can only redeem at a Target store (the coupons themselves say this). I am completely impressed with a store that makes it so easy to save. They accept all sorts of printed coupons, as well as normal coupons, price-match and allow you to stack coupons or discounts in-store. I now understand why everyone loves Target so much.

What would your “top 4” list include?

3 Responses

  1. Vicky September 24 2011 @ 3:26 pm

    Thanks for sharing all the sites. I love retailmenot too!!

  2. Amy T. September 24 2011 @ 8:23 pm

    LOL, I think our top 4 are the same! I also love with amazon mom!

  3. Cole September 25 2011 @ 7:33 am

    I like Amazon because you can shop around but I didn’t list it because I can barely find coupons for it.

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