My Fair Wind

Date Sun, June 30 2013

You’ll love the sarong selections at Fair Winds Sarongs. Sarongs can serve as sundresses or skirts to wear just about anywhere you choose. Fabrics vary from subtly contemporary to lavishly tropical. Traditionally, sarongs were made of batik material dyed uniquely for making a sarong. Sizes of the sarongs vary from person to person. The fabric, a basic panel, can be adapted for any size woman. Because sarongs require no fasteners, they are infinitely adjustable. The history of sarongs goes back to ancient Egypt, Rome, and Greece. Because of their ease of construction and simplicity, they have been a staple of dress from the beginning of time. Yet, they are stylish and appropriate for our modern lifestyle. Wear a sarong skirt in a subtle linen print to the office with a silk blouse in contrast. Wrap your sarong into a sundress for beach or casual wear, add a shrug, or shawl to cover your shoulders, and enjoy the looks of admiration. Dare to wear a sarong with a fall print for Indian Summer or the beginning of school. With the right accessories and jacket, a sarong is entirely appropriate in any setting. Because the skirt length is adjustable, it’s appropriate for any occasion. Look at sundresses for women at for ideas and fabrics. Adopt this most wearable style in your life.

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