4 Places to Get Unique Kitchen Decor

Date Thu, June 20 2013

One of the purchases that I’d made as an adult that I love was a pair of potholders made out of skulls and rose fabric. It’s a pretty common fabric that you can find at places like Joann’s, while I’ve also seen it on NCIS. Abby has an apron made out of the material that I’ve seen in more recent episodes, which makes me love it even more. I have them hanging in a place where you can easily see them, and people have complimented my potholders when they come over to my house. It makes me smile because they feel so much like meĀ and not just like something I’ve purchased from the store that everyone else has. I’m slowly working on doing the same for my entire home.

Not everyone knows where to go to find unique items at great prices. Perhaps you’re more of a head-to-the-mall type or you’re not used to shopping online. This guide is for you!

Heart Tea Infuser

Heart Tea Infuser

Thrift Shops

Have you even been to your local Good Will or St Vincent de Paul and wondered “Just what were they thinking?” If so, then you know exactly where to head when it comes time to refit your kitchen with a style that will be all your own. From styles that were, perhaps, questionable to begin with to retro refrigerator magnets, there’s no better place to look. Plus, you don’t have to worry about all that pesky packaging.


Eat Wooden Sign by OldNewAgain from Etsy

Eat Wooden Sign by OldNewAgain from Etsy

You haven’t seen the Internet until you’ve seen Etsy, the shopping website that allows people to sell their DIY projects, materials and vintage items. A search for “kitchen” brings up almost 400,000 items. Aprons, pot holders, towels, tables runners and other linens abound. You can also find some awesome vintage items and easy ways to decorate those bland walls. One of the things I like about Etsy is that I often find something that I sort-of-but-not-quite like, so I can search for something similar to find the perfect score! Just check out these French canisters.


Ebay is like the digital version of a thrift store. If you’ve got your eye on something that might be a collectible or you don’t live in an area with a lot of thrift stores or even if you’re homebound for whatever reason, Ebay is your oasis in the middle of the drought. It has vintage and handmade items, too, but the auction style and competition means you can often find even better deals. There’s a whole slew of heart-shaped tea infusers for instace.

Flea Markets and Estate Sales

The city I live in has a farmers market twice weekly, and a few flea markets hosted by antique stores. Similarly, you can find some valuable vintage utensils or accessories for your galley at estate auctions, where people are more concerned about clearing out space and paying off debts than ripping you off. Plus, you can to shop around and negotiate, which you can’t always do at stores or online retailers.

If all else fails, you can always head to Amazon.

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