Plus Sized Fashion I’m Loving Today

Date Wed, February 24 2016

I thought I would write a fun post about some of the things that have caught my eye. I may or may not buy them, but I like to window shop nonetheless!


Some of these links are affiliate links, and I will make a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking.

Bows Bows Bows!

Yea, I’m a little bow crazy. I’ve never necessarily considered myself that sort of girly, but I can’t help but like the bows I see all over. Like this tulle dress from Torrid or the bow on the Thandy Twill Bow Midi Skirt from Agaci. It’s just so young and fun, you know?

Mermaid Print

I think I first saw mermaid prints on a Facebook sponsored post about leggings. Stretchy, shiny material works so well for this print, don’t you think? You can get it in classic green or any shade that your heart desires. It’s fun and fantastic! SammyDress even has a plus size swimsuit, the Ruched Fish Scales Women’s One-Piece Swimsuit is the perfect use for this print. I can’t get enough of it!

Leather and Lace

Here’s another Torrid piece for you! The Mixed Lace Up Mini Dress is this great piece with feminine flair, but the addition of faux leather is also a little edgy. It would be great for going out on the town. Roaman’s also has a stylish leather and lace button-down shirt. Sexy!

Cross Halter Tops and Dresses

We see a lot of crossed halter tops. Obviously, they’re great for showing off your cleavage, and the style works well with dresses and separates. Pinup Girl Clothing has the awesome Deadly Dames Plus Size Voodoo Vixen Top in Black to give you an example of the style. If you want to try it out for yourself without the hefty price tag, there’s also the TEXTURED WRAP HALTER PARTY DRESS from DH Styles for just $25! Check out AmiClubWear’s Wine Plus Size Cross Halter Strap Sleeveless Party Dress, too!

If you’re wondering, I also love “cage” style tops and bralettes!

Colorblock Tuxedo Dresses

Emotional Term top from Great Glam

Emotional Term top from Great Glam

So the only reason I know that these dresses are a thing is because I am searching for a “tuxedo like” dress for my friend’s upcoming wedding, in which I will be a grooms woman. I’m not quite sure what I’ll be settling on, but the stores appear to be full of color block dresses, many with awesome handkerchief hems.  What a fun party dress, right?! Here’s one from Agaci and if you want a straight hem, there’s the Two Tone Plus Size Party Dress from AmiClubWear for less than $15!

 This Top

Okay, here’s the real reason I started writing this post. I found this asymmetrical top at Great Glam. Is it peplum? Hi-lo? A tunic? Kind of all the above. It’s sold out, and I’m not nearly tall enough to rock a style like this, anyway. But for the curvy lady who is? Awesome!

Black-and-white has caught my eye lately. I’ve been liking houndstooth, gingham and even diamond patterns. Though, I’m sure most of my friends would tell me that I already own too much black-and-white in my closet. But it looks so good!

Glancing back over this list, it also looks like I’m lusting over dresses lately. Ha!

So, folks, what fashion finds have caught your eye lately?

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