Popular Prom Dresses for 2014

Date Tue, March 25 2014

Prom is one of the most important nights in many teenage girls’ lives. Every girl wants to look her best for her prom, and perhaps the most essential element of any girls’ prom night is her prom dress. A girl’s prom dress is the one element around which the rest of her look is formed. Everything else, from the accessories she wears to how she styles her hair and makeup, is dependent upon her dress. Selecting the appropriate dress can make or break a girl’s prom night look. There are various types for prom dresses on the market, and there are a few tips that you can keep in mind to select the best prom dresses 2014 has to offer.

Ballroom Dresses

Ballroom, Cinderella-style dresses are the traditional form of prom dress and always seem to be in style at proms. For girls who want to stay with the traditional style, there are a variety of types of ballroom dresses to choose from. Ballroom dresses feature full skirts and are sure to make any girl look like a Southern Belle. Select from solid-colored ones, multi-colored ones and ones that feature sequins, glitter, bows and other accessories on them. No matter what style you choose, ballroom dress are always elegant and timeless.

Short Dresses

Although many prom dresses are traditionally long, shorter girls might want to opt for shorter dresses. If you’re short already, then a long prom dress will only make you look even shorter and may even drag the ground on you, which you certainly don’t want. Shorter prom dresses are at the height of fashion in 2014, and they make your legs appear longer than they really are. Girls who simply want to err from tradition and wear something that is sure to stand out can employ short prom dresses.

Mermaid Dresses

Mermaid dresses are becoming increasing popular for proms and other special events. They are termed “mermaid dresses” because they are form fitting all the way down to below the knees where they flare out and resemble a mermaid fin. These dresses are ideal for girls who want to show off their figures, and they come in various colors and styles as well. For a particularly “mermaid” look, select one that features sequins, sparkles or faux scales.

Shopping for a prom dress can be an exciting process. However, keep in mind your body type and your personal sense of style so that you select one that complements you well and reflects your fashion sense.

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  1. Sherri March 27 2014 @ 9:47 pm

    It looks like the mermaid dresses would be hard to move around in…. maybe it is just me though :)

  2. Jennifer Hiles March 28 2014 @ 8:22 pm

    What an exciting time for young girls. I remember how excited I was to pick out my prom dress. I had to go to the site and search mermaid to see what they were! I’m so old, lol. They are very pretty. I really like the Breathtaking Ruffled One Shoulder Gigi by La Femme Prom Dress 17216

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