Protect Your Camera with the Right Case

Date Thu, October 2 2014

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As the size of camcorders went down, the price went up. You can easily spend a few thousand dollars on a state of the art piece of equipment, and even if you just want to document soccer games, dance recitals and family vacations, you might still spend a few hundred dollars. With a Pelican case for camcorders, you can better protect your investment.

What are Pelican Cases?

Pelican made a name for itself in the world of gun cases before later expanding into other areas. Designed to offer the highest level of protection, these cases will keep your camera and any accessories you carry with you safe and secure. A thick layer of foam padding inside features different compartments that can hold the camcorder, extra batteries, charging cables and anything else you need to carry with you. Those customized spaces keep the components from banging against each other and breaking. The cases also feature a think foam piece on top that better holds each component in place.

Types of Cases

There are a few different cases you can choose. Some of these cases look just like ordinary suitcases and even feature a telescoping handle and rolling wheels that let you pull the case behind you. Many of the more popular designs let you carry the bag with you on a plane. Other cases not only have spaces for your camera and accessories but for your laptop as well. With a Pelican case, you can easily take your expensive electronics with you on vacation.

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