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Date Sat, November 28 2009

I have recently become much more interested in make up again. Much of this is due to buying Urban Decay Primer Potion which makes my eye shadow stick and look great all day with minimal creasing or moving – unlike when I wear shadow alone. But I don’t really have a variety of eyeshadow, just lots of black, a couple pinks and reds and a brown. Some of the shades I have a re pretty sucky, too. Honestly, I’ve had most of my makeup since high school and while I know I should throw it away, it’s hard to bring myself to.

Last night I stumbled across a review of some mineral makeup company which offers super cheap 5 pack samplers. It’s great for trying it out but even better for people like me who just cannot commit to their eye makeup. Since then, I’ve been on the hunt for similar deals and samples and, although I posted this in a list on Lavish, I figured it really would be at home on my shopping blog.

Thus far, I have found these shops which offers samples at a steep discount (or even for free!):

  • Detrivore Eyeshadow – Individual sample bags for $1
  • EcoGlo Eyeshadow Matte and Shimmer Samples in 1/2gram samples of your 5 colour choices for $1.75
  • TKB Trading – Several kits and samples from $7.50 and up
  • Evil Shades – Choose individual samples for $.75 or get a sample of all 15 shades for $9.50
  • Karma Naturals – Choose 15 colours in 1/8tbsp samples for $1
  • The All Natural Face 10 colours of yuor choice in sample bags for $1.50
  • Dash Minerals – Up to 5 bagged samples in your choice of colour for free, just pay shipping (mine came to $3 for 5)
  • Sheer Miracle – Individually potted samples (around 5 applications) for $1.50
  • Aromaleigh – 1/16tbsp individual samples in your choice of colour for $1
  • Pur Element – 3 sample colours of your theme choice (Blacks, Greens, Pinks, etc) for $5
  • Divine Nature – sample with 8 different pinks and browns for $1.99
  • PaintFX Individual colours in 1/4tsp jars for $1.75, others for $.75 or $1.25
  • Cleopatra’s Choice – Individual .07g samples for $.79 or less
  • Heavenly Natural Beauty – Sample sets from $9 – $35, individual 1/4tsp samples for $1.75 or $3

I don’t know which, if any, I’ll be trying but I do plan to look into it more. If you know of any companies with similar sample deals, let me know in the comments so I can add it to the list. If you sell samples and/or would like to see a review of your eyeshadow, feel free to comment, too!

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